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Confession time… I am a huge fan of the WWE. Weird, I know. I wasn’t always a fan of wrestling, my dad talked about it every once in a while, I knew who Hulk Hogan was, but I wasn’t by any means a fan growing up. I actually wasn’t even interested in being a wrestling fan, to be honest. All I knew was, wrestling is fake why would I waste my time watching something fake? Well, this show called Total Divas came on and after following that show for about a year, my interest was sparked slightly. I didn’t really know how to get into it, to be honest, so I really just didn’t try to.


So, let’s fast forward again to when I meet Freddie. Freddie is a huge wrestling fan and I mean huge. He grew up watching wrestling and just flat out loves it. Well, when we moved in together and I see WWE Monday Night RAW on the DVR and he said, “is it okay if I watch this?”. We were at his house, I wasn’t going to say no, so I just said yeah, sure. I’m not going to lie, at first I couldn’t stand it. I thought it was so stupid, the acting was terrible, you could tell it was fake or as Freddie says staged and I just thought it was the dumbest thing.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to stop watching it, not because he didn’t care about my opinion, but because he loves it, I just kept watching. Somehow, I grew to really love it. Every week, I look forward to Monday. Once a month, I look forward to the pay-per-views. So, here are the top ten reasons I love wrestling:


10. It really is entertaining. Call it staged or fake but when you get to know the characters, you really enjoy watching them.

9. The ‘characters’ are great. They each have their own ‘thing’, one guy acts crazy, the other guy is like a super hero, and the last guy is like a super villain…. And they all used to be on the same team? Whaaaaaaat?

8. It’s family-friendly. While I understand the premise of wrestling is to beat the crap out of the other guy, it really is family-friendly, in my opinion. There isn’t any crazy curse words being thrown around and kids can really look up to these superstars.

7. WWE is a walking charity organization. Vince McMahon and his daughter and son-in-law are all very involved in charitable work and I think that is great. For the company to be as big as it is and make as much money as it does, I think that it is really great that they give so much.


6. John Cena. Need I say more? No, really though. John Cena has granted the most wishes in the Make-a-Wish foundation and he’s really just great. If you don’t think so, find the Total Divas episode where John and Nikki have a competition and race go-karts and play beer pong {link}. John is the best, I’m telling you he is just great… And hilarious… And he’s good looking.. What more can you ask of him?

5. The crowd is hilarious. I’m serious, this is actually one of the reasons. The crowd just chants so many funny things, from chanting a completely different wrestlers name than who is wrestling to ‘this is awesome’ chants. They’re great, I’m telling you.

4. Their lower-level developmental brand. WWE has a developmental center down in Florida and from this center, they have created a program called NXT. NXT is a show that comes exclusively on the WWE Network (which is only $9.99) and it showcases all of the amazing, younger talent that is just coming out of the woodwork and it really is amazing to watch them grow their talents.

3. There isn’t anything like it. Yes, there are other wrestling promotions out there, but when you watch some of these… They just aren’t the same, like, at all. The WWE has this huge opportunity to put wrestling on such a grand stage. If you don’t believe me, watch TNA or Ring of Honor after watching a Monday Night Raw. The difference will completely astound you.

2. It’s quite funny. If you’re looking for some serious comedy in your life, do yourself a favor and watch WWE programming. It may not be funny intentionally, but I promise you will get a good laugh out of it more often than not.

1. It gets you involved. I don’t know how to explain being a part of the WWE Universe… I can’t believe I just said that. But, really, being involved in what the WWE is doing in their programming is actually pretty cool, it’s like watching sports. You find a guy that you like and you root for him, except I feel like you have a more personal connection to the talent in wrestling than you do in any other sport and I really enjoy that.

So, as much as it is embarrassing to admit, I love wrestling. I have shirts, I want more. I want to go to a live event and I will never miss an episode of Monday Night RAW. So, are any of you guys wrestling fans? If so or if not, why? Would you ever consider watching wrestling? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates!

If you’re a wrestling fan, make sure you check out the WhatCulture Wrestling Youtube channel, it’s the best.



4 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’m a Wrestling fan… And why you should be too!”

  1. I just found your blog from pgw, and am a hugee fan of the wwe too lol. I also got involved from watching total divas

  2. That’s awesome! It’s one of the most fun things for us on a weekly basis. We love watching Raw together on Mondays and of course pay per views on Sunday 🙂

  3. I unfortunately have not gotten my boyfriend into it, but am trying lol. It would be nice to have him to share it with

  4. Definitely keep trying, I bet he would like it, haha! Especially now that Seth Rollins is back! Seth is my fave 😍

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