Hey everyone!


As promised I’m bringing you my weekly update. If you remember from one of my first posts, I always wanted to be completely honest and transparent with everyone who reads my blog. So, I could come on here and say I had a great week. I could say I smashed all my goals. I could say I ate healthy and have made myself really proud. However, the reality of the situation is, I didn’t do anything this week. I’ve had a hard week, I couldn’t really tell you why. Maybe it was the stress of quitting my job. Maybe it was the stress of havingĀ anotherĀ rodent problem. Maybe it was the stress of being blamed for said rodent problem. Regardless, it wasn’t the week I wanted to have.

The whole week, I had a hard time keeping track of my goals, let alone meeting them. I didn’t measure all my food, I didn’t drink enough water, I didn’t eat healthy all the time, and I didn’t care. Sometimes, that’s okay. You guys may remember from my previous post that I am having a hard time getting over all of my old work friends. I’m still having a hard time. In addition to the fact that my boyfriend and I used to spend literally 24/7 together, now that he is working a new job and I’m just staying home, it’s incredibly lonely! I spend all day alone, cleaning, talking to myself, talking to the dogs, going on walks, coloring, not really doing much. I am thankful that I have had a lot of time dedicated to being able to grow my blog and post a lot and all of those lovely things, but sometimes it’s just so hard to get over this deep deep feeling of being alone almost all the time.

So, what do I do to move on from this week? I want to work on feeling less lonely. I know that I need to make new friends and enjoy the time that I have with myself. So, even though I’m already halfway through this week, my goal is to do things for myself. If that means I have a few cookies and a cup of milk, so be it. That’s what I will do, but, I also need to remember that eating those cookies and drinking that cup of milk isn’t the key to happiness and it shouldn’t be used as that.

This week I also didn’t make any weekly goals, you could say I didn’t feel like it, or I wasn’t motivated enough, both would be quite accurate. I just felt as though I needed a week with no pressure, no pressure to uphold any goals, no pressure to have to please anyone, no pressure in addition to all the stress I already have. So, I will save my new goals for next week, and that is okay! I want everyone to know that it is okay to give yourself a mental health day, or week, or week and a half. It’s okay and it’s good for you, don’t ignore how you feel. How you feel is so so important, because there is a true difference between being in a little funk that you need to shake off and being sad and needing time to discover why you are sad and what you need to do to move on from that.

So, what do you guys think? Have you ever struggled with your goals and with life? Have you ever felt sad and unmotivated? Have you been in a place similar to mine? Let me know in the comments below, and always remember that you’re not alone.