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This week was pretty slow, I wasn’t feeling too well in the beginning of the week. I felt dizzy here and there, slightly nauseated, and extremely tired. So, I spent a lot of the week relaxing and taking my time getting cleaning done. We were quite productive at the new house though, which was really great! We got a lot of the cleaning done and are just working on the finishing touches indoors and outdoors. So, make sure to keep your eyes open for the big reveal which should be coming the first or second week of May! I know I haven’t been posting much, but it is due largely in part to me feeling so terrible and being so incredibly busy with the move the last couple of weeks. In addition, I am getting the last few assignments for school turned in and that has taken a lot of my time as well.

17 weeks preg

But, this post is supposed to be about little Baby P first and foremost, so let’s get on to that! This week Baby P is the size of a pomegranate (according to my weekly photos I put pomegranate for last week also, oops. My bad.) and is about five ounces. This week his/her bones are changing for soft cartilage to actual bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. In addition, baby is now able to move it’s joints and it’s sweat glands are starting to develop! Baby P has also been doing a lot of moving and I’m so thankful that I can feel it. You can occasionally feel it from the outside as well. It also seems as though the little one can hear dapper dad’s voice, when the baby is moving and Freddie talks, he/she moves even more. I’m so excited that in just a few weeks, on May 12th we will be finding out if Baby P is a boy or a girl. I have been itching to call baby by it’s name for the longest time. It feels so weird to call your baby an “it”! In addition to finding out the gender on the 12th, we will be starting to paint the baby’s room! Soon after we find out the gender we will be sharing with you guys as well and we are just so excited to show you our gender reveal! In addition, we will share with you how we shared the news with the grandparents-to-be.

Please keep your eyes on the blog this week, as I promise to have more content for you than in weeks past!

How did you guys reveal the gender to your family? Or did you find out right at the ultrasound? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates!



2 thoughts on “Seventeen Weeks|Bumpdate”

  1. Hi Mariah. You are looking so beautifulā£
    As I was pushing 39, when finally carrying Amy, I had an amniocentesis. Talk about being pinned, like a butterfly to a display board! “Don’t move”, they said… Got it!! When you have a 16″ needle stuck all the way into you, moving is the last thought on your mind!!
    It was through the results of the amnio that I found out that my little mighty mite was a girl!! I bought a slender little pink ribbon and tied little pink bows, to dot about the house, including on the front door šŸ’!! We still have a couple around the house now!
    Amy Mary Eloise (Dove) Ogden Watlington is our Oh So Cherished, Pink Ribbon Baby Girl Foreverā£
    (“Dove” is because it turns out to be a family name! Too good, to not use, I think!! But Amy has drawn the line at 4 first names… I see her point!!)
    It is so exciting to be getting ready to find out whether your munchkin is a boy or a girl! I predict a boy…which from past predictions, means Little One is likely to be a girl!!
    Eagerly awaiting your revealā£

  2. Thank you so much! My mom had to get that done, too, I believe. Thankfully, it isn’t something that I have had to do! That is great though, little girls are great. I have thought it was a boy from the beginning, we will be finding out soon!!! šŸ™‚

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