Welcome back, everyone and welcome to the 13th week!

13 weeks preg

This week was the easiest week of pregnancy thus far, I’d say! Thank God for that because I am just wanting to get back into my normal groove! I know last week I talked about getting some of my energy back and how incredibly thankful I’ve been for that. Well, I am so so happy to report that this week I got through the entire week with NO NAPS! I know that sounds so silly, but I haven’t been able to get through a week with no naps in the longest time. I was completely unaware of just how much pregnancy takes out of you, to be completely honest. There are just so many changes going on in your body that it takes every ounce of energy you have and puts it toward developing this beautiful baby that you’re carrying. Don’t get me wrong, I never underestimated what mothers go through when they are carrying their little bundles of joy and I’m not saying it is miserable by any means. However, it is absolutely exhausting.

So, along with this week allowing me to get back to more of my normal self, I also haven’t been having as many food aversions, thankfully. My appetite isn’t back to where it used to be, but I am able to eat more and actually enjoy it, which is a victory in it’s own right. Along with that, there are some major developments with baby P this week! This week Baby P’s vocal cords started to form and my little one has tiny fingertips with his or her little fingerprints on them. According the The Bump our little one is the size of a peach this week, approximately 2.9 inches long and .81 ounces. Last but not least, the baby is also forming it’s little teeth right now. Isn’t that amazing? I’m so shocked by how quickly this pregnancy is flying by for me. I am completely dumbfounded that March is almost over, I feel like I just found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago!

When did you momma’s first start to feel more like yourself? I’ve heard 12 to 14 weeks is when that happens for most! Don’t forget to leave your experience below!

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