Hello everyone and welcome to the second trimester!


The start of this week began my second trimester of pregnancy and let me tell you, I am so relieved. I have shared with you guys previously that one of my biggest fears throughout the pregnancy thus far is that I was going to lose the baby somehow. With that being said, I am so thankful to have made it to the second trimester! This week has been pretty crazy and busy, lots of packing and driving across the city to start the clean up in the new house. As you all know, our new house has been a construction zone, so the cleaning is going to be extensive because of all of the dust and construction dirt! So, this week I was able to head over and start some cleaning here and there and even move a few things over, which was so nice. Along with being super busy today, I truly feel like I’ve gotten almost all of my normal energy back. After being out of commission for so long, it is so nice to be able to get through the day and do normal chores, take the dogs on a walk, pack, and move small boxes. I’m just so thankful for my energy coming back as soon as it did. The only wall I hit this week was with nausea, the past few days it just lingers and will not go away! Aside from that, baby and I are doing well and I’m really excited to hear the heartbeat again on April 14th at our next doctors appointment. I can’t believe that we are out of the first trimester and are getting into the second trimester. I couldn’t imagine that at age 22 that I would be having my first child and with a person who I love so much. This week I have spent a lot of time being thankful for all that is going on in my life and reflecting on all of the great things that are happening.

How old were all of you when you had your first child? How did that affect how you felt about your pregnancy? Were you married when you had your first child? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates!

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