Hello everyone!

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts the past two weeks and the lack of coming posts over the next couple of weeks. Right now I am working on writing a few and scheduling them, however, they likely won’t be following the posting schedule I have put out. Packing for our move has been pretty crazy! There is still a little bit of work being done at our new house and there is still a lot of cleaning to be done. With that being said, I hope you understand the lack of posts and I promise that I will get my posting back to normal when this whole move is done!

18 weeks preg

My bad pregnancy symptoms are continuing to fade. The only major symptoms that I am feeling on a day in, day out are tiredness and the food aversions I’ve been having. I haven’t had chicken since I found out I am pregnant and any kind of meat really doesn’t sound like it would sit well, so I have been avoiding it. Beyond that, daily, I feel wonderful. I am feeling Baby P move now, mostly at night when I am laying down to go to sleep. Dapper Dad even says that he can feel some movement from the outside. The movements are slight, but I can still feel my little one in there.

This week, baby’s reflexes are said to be fully developed, baby hiccups, yawns, and obviously moves around the womb. In addition, the cartilage is continuing to harden to bone. The blood vessels are now also visible through baby’s thin skin and baby’s ears are now in their final position. If Baby P is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are already formed and in place and if Baby P is a boy, his genitals are now noticeable. Last but not least, baby is about five and a half inches long and weighs almost seven ounces.


I can’t believe we are heading into the Nineteenth week and soon we will be finding out if we are expecting a boy or a girl! I’m so excited to get Baby P’s nursery painted. The eighteenth week was pretty crazy, we were able to buy Baby P’s stroller and car seat this week! We decided on the Graco Modes stroller and the Graco Snugride 35 LX in the Holt Fashion pattern. We ultimately decided on this stroller because of all of the different “modes” that it has! You are able to use the stroller with both the stroller seat attached to the frame as well as use it without the seat and just with the car seat. The stroller seat can face outwards or toward mom, and the baby carrier can do the same! In addition, you can just snap the baby carrier into the stroller seat. The stroller also folds with one hand, all you have to do is pull a trigger with your thumb and pull in a button on the handle then fold down. When you fold the stroller, a kick stand holds the stroller upright. At that point I can take baby and click him or her into the car seat base and then easily lift the stroller frame into the car. I hope to film a demonstration of this soon, hopefully right before or right after the move! In addition, we were able to move quite a big of our stuff over to the new house and we got some cleaning done as well. Our new home is almost ready for it’s big reveal.

When did you guys end up buying your baby carrier and stroller? Which ones do you guys use? How did you cope with moving while being pregnant? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. Oh, and don’t forget to post your guesses about Baby P’s gender!