Hello everyone!

So, as you may remember from one of my previous posts, my apartment lease is up in May and my boyfriend and I are looking for the next place we are going to live… we found it! Well, my parents found it. So, my dad collects classic cars and he is running out of room to put them! So, he was looking for some land to build a garage to keep all of his cars and he found two acres of land with a little house on it. The house was built in the 1940’s and needs some extensive renovations, some walls need to be knocked down, the whole bathroom needs to be replaced… It’s definitely in dire need of some work. So, are you guys ready for the best part? My parents are going to do the renovations and let us rent the house!



So, after talking about it and seeing the renovation plans for the house, we have decided that this little pink (soon to be gray) house will be our future home! Right now, we are making a list of all of the things that we will need for our new house. We are getting new sheets, towels, etc. What did you guys buy when moving into a new house? Can you think of anything that we should add to our list? Where did you guys buy all of your things for your new home? Please leave some comments below!