Hi everyone!

Two months? What the heck?! Where did my tiny, six pound newborn go? When did he turn into this curious, chubby, wide-eyed baby?

Jacob has done wonderfully over the past month. He sleeps very well, typically from 11pm to 5am continuously. He is also still a wonderful eater. We have switched to a feed-on-demand schedule because it really just suits our life best right now. For his first month, I really tried to pay attention to the time between his feeds and now that he is getting older and eating so well, I didn’t find it necessary. I could never remember to start the feed timer and when I did remember to start it, I never remembered to stop it. It ended up becoming a burden instead of being helpful. In addition to him eating well, he is also progressing well. He is smiling now, especially when he sees his nana or papa and when he gets a clean diaper! He is also so much more alert this month. He is constantly looking around when he lays on my chest. He is interested in some toys now and loves to listen to music and be sung to, his favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider! We still aren’t on a sleeping or eating schedule yet. I’m just letting him take the lead, telling me what he needs when he needs it. I have discovered that is what works for us best. Otherwise, I tend to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Momming isn’t easy!

Here is a progression collage of little JJ these past four weeks:


Jacob was born on October 1st and weighed 6lbs 12.6oz at birth and was 20 inches long! Check out my birth story here!


Weight – 11lbs 12oz

Height – 22.75in

Jacob loves – eating (still), looking around, “flying” a.k.a. being held on his tummy and being moved around with airplane noises, going on walks, being worn, smiling at new faces, and spending time with his nana and papa.

Jacob dislikes – being taken out of his bathtub, being bottle fed, being put down, when the puppies start barking, and shots 🙁

Jacob started – smiling, looking around, lifting up his head more, and he’s awake a lot more often!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update and I can’t wait to keep sharing with you!

Love Mariah NEW NEW