Hello everyone!

I am so ready to move into our new house. I know that it is no secret that Freddie and I are itching to move! On top of that, the house of our dreams is almost finished. So, I want to give you guys a peek into what we want to do with the spaces in our house. First off, I wanted to show you what my dream office, A.K.A. Two Dapper Dogs’ headquarters would look like!

Let’s get started with the desks!


{Photo and Idea Credit}

Both desks will be arranged so that the long side is on the wall and the short side juts into the office space. They will be opposite each other, one on each wall. So we will be close while we work but still have our own space. This configuration was really the only one that made since we want to face out into the room and the space is going to be a shared space.

Now, book shelves. The idea is to put these behind both of the desks so we have a place to put our printers and any books!


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These are the two main things that we are including. We are doing most of our accents in white as our walls are light grey. We are really hoping to keep everything minimalistic. We want to use some cube organizers maybe in pink and blue, I’m not sure yet. My favorite colors are pink and gold, however, we are going to be sharing this space with our dining table so we have to make sure that the colors are appropriate. The other colors we are using throughout the house are blue and whatever seasonal color pairs well with it. So, for the summer, we are thinking yellow, in the winter we are thinking red, then in the spring maybe pink or coral. We haven’t yet decided on fall, but I’m thinking orange will work well.

What do you guys think? What helped keep you productive in your office? Don’t forget to leave your opinions and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates!


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  1. I think we can find great stuff to put your slant on it. Will be on lookout for shelving, loving the black and white stripes behind these. Big gold frames would be cool too!

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