Hello everyone!

My mom and one of her friends go thrifting all the time and they have found some really great things! One of them being an adorable rocking chair for Baby P. Once I saw all of the great things that they were finding, I knew that I was going to have to check out some of the local thrift stores myself! So, last week Freddie and I settled on what thrift stores we would go to each day and we found some really great things!

My first find were these small stakes that you stick in the ground that almost look like a potted plant holder. They’re about two and a half feet tall and I want to use them at the new house to light the front entryway of the house. Right now they are white, but I’m thinking that I want to repaint them to maybe black? Then I want to find some mason jar lights that are solar powered to hang on them. I think that it will be so adorable and add a little touch of the farmhouse feel to our little home.


My second find was an adorable little side table. It’s about three feet tall and is a dark wood grain with little heart cut outs on each side. Freddie and I are always misplacing the keys if we don’t leave them in the car (we have a garage where we currently live) and at our new home there isn’t going to be a garage to park our car, so I wanted to get a little side table with just enough room for a little dish to put our keys on. Well, yesterday I found it and it is SO ¬†cute! I think that I am going to paint it white to match the rest of our cabinetry and desks and then I will hopefully find a cute dish to match it thrifting next week?


Our last find was a shirt for Freddie. Freddie loves brands like Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, Southern Proper, etc. Well, lucky him, he found a really great blue button up shirt from Southern Tide for only $11. All of our purchases for this Thrifty Thursday totaled less than $30!


At first, I was a little hesitant about going thrifting. Any thrift store I had been to before smells a little funny, there’s a lot of old clothes, I’ve never found anything I really liked. After I realized that you don’t just have to buy clothes (silly, I know), I was immediately set on checking out these shops and seeing what we could find for our new house.

How often do you guys check out your local thrift stores? What have you found that was a steal? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates.