Hi everyone!

Can you believe that baby J is three months old already? By the time I get this update posted, he will be going on four months old! Every single day I am shocked and surprised by how much he has grown and developed. Jacob is smiling all the time now, especially at mommy when he wakes up every morning. He follows everything with his eyes now, one of his best friends is the ceiling fan. He also has been playing with toys here and there, I’ll share his favorite ones in my Momma’s favorites post, coming soon! Jacob is still breastfeeding on demand and we have no plans on stopping in the immediate future. J is still a great sleeper, I typically get 7-8 hours out of him each night, but he is a night owl like his momma! I’ve noticed this month that he is definitely more independent. For his first two months he really didn’t like to be put down, as soon as I would put him down, he’d start wailing. Now I am able to put him in his swing and set him down in his boppy and on his play mat and he is content. He really has progressed leaps and bounds in his independence.

Here is a progression shot from this month!

Jacob was born October 1st and was 6lbs 12oz and 21in long you can read my full birth story here!

Okay, now for the fun stuff, all JJ’s stats!

Weight – 15lbs

Height – Around 23in

Jacob loves – Sitting in his “Sit Me Up” seat, playing on his kick and play piano, his lovey Mr. Stripes, kicking his legs and talking, and seeing his grandparents

Jacob dislikes – Long car rides, getting lotion put on, and when mommy embarrasses him and tries to pick his boogies!

Jacob Started – Showing an interest in sitting up on his own, holding toys, shaking a rattle, showing an interest in playing, and smiling a lot more!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update, I can’t wait to see what four months brings!