Hello everyone!

Thirty-two weeks? Are you kidding?! Since the beginning, I’ve talked about how quickly this pregnancy has flown by and holy moly, it just keeps going faster. This week was pretty crazy! As you guys may know I turned 23 this week and we had such a blast. Freddie and my parents surprised me with an overnight stay in northern Virginia and we spent the weekend shopping and just enjoying our time together. It was so nice to just spend a night away from home and the puppies and just get a really great night’s sleep in a bigger, king sized bed!

32 weeks

Baby P is the size of a squash this week, he is about 16.5 inches long and 3.75 pounds. At our last ultrasound (at 28 weeks) baby was already head down, his movements have me thinking that he is still head down. His movements were much less blunt this week, I just felt more waves of movement, I think it’s because our little guy is getting more and more crunched!

I’ve felt really good this week, not quite as tired as usual, but I definitely felt more pregnant this week than in weeks past. It’s harder to get out of bed, harder to get comfortable, and I have this weird pulling pain in my back on the right side. My biggest gripe by far is the amount of pain I am feeling in my hips. Throughout the night, I have to toss and turn every hour or so otherwise I get terrible pain in the hip that I’m laying on. This is where I am definitely missing being able to sleep on my stomach! My food aversions haven’t been nearly as bad this week (FINALLY!) and I haven’t been feeling nearly as tired.

Nesting has come in full swing, I am wanting to spend every waking moment doing something for baby, whether it’s cleaning his room for the fourteenth time, folding his clothes, looking at his clothes, anything! I spend a lot of time in his room, just looking at the crib and his clothes and blankets. Right now, we have all his clothes washed and our dresser should be here this coming week! It’s definitely starting to feel real!

How were you guys feeling at 32 weeks? Stressed? Happy? Nest-y? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more frequent updates!

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