IMG_2376As cliché as it may sound, my two dogs are my life. If I could bring them with me everywhere, I would. Luckily, I have a crazy husband who loves these snuggly mutts as much as I do! So, if dogs are permitted somewhere we are going, the dapper dogs are likely in tow. In addition to being crazy about our dogs, they signify so much more to us than just being our pets. We adopted Mario in November of 2014, shortly after Freddie and I moved in together. To us, Mario really signifies the start of our relationship and learning how to live together and how to split responsibilities. More than anything, I think it signified compromise. Freddie wasn’t 100% sold on getting a dog, he had never had one before and was really concerned with the amount of work it would be. Oddly enough, adopting Luigi in November of 2015 signified a lot for us, also. Getting a second dog really made us feel like we were expanding our family, in a way that we felt comfortable with at the time. In addition, it made us feel like we were ready for a next step in our relationship, in whatever way God wanted to fulfill that for us.

Beyond the dapper dogs being significant in our relationship, they add a different dynamic to our family. They’re both so different, just like you’d expect two people to be different. Mario is our little ball of fur and fire, he is always ready to play and, despite being the smaller of the two, is the protector of the house. He is always on the lookout, making sure mom and dad are safe and secure. Mario is also a take-no-crap kind of individual. If something is happening to him that he isn’t a fan of, he will let you know. He has really taught Snuggly Loume that it’s okay to stand up for yourself and that I am allowed to express my displeasure in a situation. Luigi is our goofball, full of life, hilarious, and laid back. He really takes life as it comes and he makes the best of it. He enjoys the simple things in life, like gnawing on a bone and digging to China in the backyard. He’s really taught us both to enjoy the simple things in life and not to take them for granted.

So, what do these dogs have to do with my lifestyle? Why in the world would I name my lifestyle blog after them? Good question, this one even had me thinking… Then it hit me; I’m always with them. Being a blogger, I work from home. That means that seven days a week, I spend time with these little guys. They sit on my lap and proofread my posts, they photobomb the photos I take for my posts, and they tilt their heads in confusion when I talk to myself. They’re always with me, giving me stinky-breath-kisses when I’m having a hard time getting a post together and begging to be picked up when I am taking blog photos. So what? They’re just dogs… right? No, to me.. to us, they really aren’t. These dogs have quickly become family, I miss them when I’m out to get groceries, I tell them I love them each and every time I leave the house. Because these dogs are such a huge part of my life, of our life, I felt like they should be honored by becoming our namesake.


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