10 of my Favorite Bible Verses graphic

10 of my Favorite Bible Verses

Hi everyone, I told you earlier that I would have a faithful Friday post up for you, so I had to keep true to my word! I wanted to share my ten favorite Bible verses with you guys. Along with why I love them and how I interpreted them. If you’re interested in how I […]

FlyLady Cleaning System graphic

FlyLady Cleaning System

Hi everyone, I know I’m a bit out of order on my posting schedule today, make sure you look out for another post revolving around faithful Friday a little bit later today! I wanted to share with you guys a cleaning system that I found that I think is just going to work wonders for […]

Faithful Friday – How I organize my Bible graphic

Faithful Friday – How I organize my Bible

Hello everyone! When I was growing up, my family wasn’t really a church-going family. We went when I was younger and I went to Sunday school here and there, but I mostly only went for Christmas. I knew about God and I believed in Him, but I didn’t really know much about the Jesus and […]

Let’s Talk Planners – Update! graphic

Let’s Talk Planners – Update!

Hello everyone! As you may recall from my previous post, I love keeping a planner. I fell off a little when I found out I was pregnant because I wasn’t planning or doing much. However, now that I’m feeling better, I have had the chance to get back in the groove.         […]

Pregnancy Books graphic

Pregnancy Books

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank all of my followers, family, and friends for the amazing reception that we got with the announcement of little Baby P! We are so thankful for the wealth of support and love we received from everyone. I wanted to write this post because I couldn’t really […]

Babymoon! graphic


Hello everyone!   Freddie and I, in the two years that we have been together, have not had the chance to take a vacation. We both have been working really hard in school and at work and there wasn’t a time where we could afford to take a week off from our lives to go […]

Weekly Update – 12.28.2015 – 1.3.2016 graphic

Weekly Update – 12.28.2015 – 1.3.2016

Hello everyone! As some of you may remember, one way to keep true to your resolutions is to be accountable,¬†share them with other people, give them weekly updates. So, here I am with a weekly update for you guys! I had four goals for last week: Meet my water goal daily Measure all of my […]