Blogging vs. Vlogging|Keeping it Real graphic

Blogging vs. Vlogging|Keeping it Real

Hi everyone, I just started following a YouTuber named Caitlyn Neier and I have absolutely loved watching her vlogs. She just started her channel this year and after binge watching some of her videos, I was inspired. She has done so much work in the few months that she has started her channel, it really […]

Nineteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Nineteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! What an exciting week! A lot of this week was spent wondering what Baby P could possibly be. It was so exciting to sit down and go over the names we have chosen. We talked about what sports we might want the baby to play and the theme of the nursery. It has […]

Eighteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Eighteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts the past two weeks and the lack of coming posts over the next couple of weeks. Right now I am working on writing a few and scheduling them, however, they likely won’t be following the posting schedule I have put out. Packing […]

10 of my Favorite Bible Verses graphic

10 of my Favorite Bible Verses

Hi everyone, I told you earlier that I would have a faithful Friday post up for you, so I had to keep true to my word! I wanted to share my ten favorite Bible verses with you guys. Along with why I love them and how I interpreted them. If you’re interested in how I […]

FlyLady Cleaning System graphic

FlyLady Cleaning System

Hi everyone, I know I’m a bit out of order on my posting schedule today, make sure you look out for another post revolving around faithful Friday a little bit later today! I wanted to share with you guys a cleaning system that I found that I think is just going to work wonders for […]

Laundry Room Inspiration graphic

Laundry Room Inspiration

Hello everyone! As most of you must know at this point, our house is almost finished! We only have finishing touches and cleaning to do before the big reveal. However, I wanted to give you guys a peek into what we are planning for the different rooms in our new home. Today, I’m going to […]