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I know it has been a while since I have had a weekly update, well, there is a good reason for that…

The Dapper Dog family welcomes another member…

Baby P Onsie Sand


We are pregnant! I am currently 12 weeks along and this is the hardest secret I have ever had to keep!

So, I’ve been keeping this post updated with weekly updates and I want to share them with you all below:


5 weeks

Not so much in the cravings department, just really loving sweets and salty things right now. Unfortunately we don’t keep many sweets in the house, so it’s a lot more salty stuff than anything else. Little Baby P is the size of a sesame seed right now, the baby is growing at such a rapid rate right now that it’s making me completely exhausted. Not very much in the feeling of nausea, thank goodness. I’m praying that it stays that way, but we will see! We bought the baby’s first things the other day, a little lamby stuffed animal that was on clearance and a Taggies Dog stuffed animal – we figured we would use him to teach baby how to pet the puppies nicely with the Taggies pup.

6 weeks

I spoke too soon, the nausea has come. Thankfully, it isn’t anything too serious, however, feeling nauseous has cut back on my want or need to do anything but lay down. These are the days where I count my blessings that I am growing a blog for my job. I’m so so thankful that I have someone behind me who is so incredibly supportive. We spent a lot of this week looking up reviews for baby things along with the “What to pack in your hospital bag” videos. It was a pretty productive week. We decided on the stroller we wanted and we got our Honest Diaper samples in the mail… They’re so tiny and cute. We looked at baby clothes at target. It’s been a great week. Baby is the size of a Pea.

7 weeks

Day one of week seven, not a fun one. Woke up with the worst nausea thus far. Then decided to throw a scrambled egg sandwich on top of that… I beg you not to do this. It just isn’t a good idea. Luckily, I did not have any puky messes to clean up, but I’m waiting for those to happen sometime soon. I’m so excited, we are a week out from going to our doctor’s appointment for the first ultrasound. I cannot wait for this. Only five weeks until I get to make this post public for you guys. I’m so excited to share the news! This week we got to make a little trip up to Buy Buy Baby which is about an hour and a half away from us, it was great. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Buy Buy Baby, but I definitely wasn’t before making the trip. This store is huge. It is Bed Bath and Beyond for babies and it is great. There are a lot of products to choose from, the prices seemed to be good and they had a lot of the higher-end car seats and strollers like the Orbit and the MacLaren products. These definitely aren’t in our price range, but for someone who is looking for the higher-end spectrum of things, I’d definitely recommend checking out this store. The really cool part of registering here was the ‘baby bag’ they give you when you register. It was by far the nicest one we have received. It had the most stuff in it as well as the most high-end stuff in it (in my opinion). They also print out these cards for you that are perforated that have your name and registry number on them so that you can hand them out to friends and family. It was really great. Little Baby P is the size of a blueberry.


8 weeks

Day one of week eight, ultrasound appointment! We finally got to see our little one and it was such a blessing. I have never been so relieved and happy and overwhelmed and almost crying happy tears and just loving life as I was that day. Seeing a positive sign on a pregnancy test is one thing. Seeing it on the other three you decided to take is another thing. Seeing your little one in your belly and hearing that little one’s heartbeat… I’m telling you, it is priceless. It’s so amazing to me that we just fall in love with this little being so quickly. This week has been a hard one. I’d say that the exhaustion has hit me the hardest this week. I sleep about 10-12 hours each night and I wake up still exhausted and I end up taking a nap during the day. I know that’s insane, trust me. I spend my time wishing I had the energy to clean or just even read and I don’t. I’m so sick of laying on the couch and watching television, but I’m having such a hard time just peeling myself off the couch. Along with the extreme exhaustion, the nausea has also been killing me. While not as bad as last week, I do get some serious bouts of nausea throughout the day. I will feel it when I haven’t eaten, when I have, when I have eaten too much, when I have eaten too little, and just about every moment in between. I’m going to share my secret with you, ladies. PEPPERMINTS. Or as LifeSavers call them Pep-O-Mints. They have been an actual life saver, no lie. Any time I’m feeling the slightest bit nauseous, I pop one of these in my mouth and I am good to go. Another lifesaver, peppermint tea and lemon and ginger tea. I don’t have a ton of energy to get up and make them, but when I’m lucky enough to have Freddie home during the day, these teas have really made me feel a lot better. So, after our doctor’s appointment, we were lucky enough to be able to go to Target and complete our third baby registry. I’m hoping to do a review of the ‘baby bags’ they give to you for each place we registered. Target’s bag was really nice, I’d recommend doing a registry with Target! Little Baby P is the size of a raspberry this week.

9 weeks

 Nine weeks… Already?! The time has just been flying by, I had always heard that it does when you’re pregnant, but I didn’t think it would go this fast. It seems like a week ago when I took my first positive pregnancy test and I was dealing with the jitters of telling family and close friends. So, unfortunately, the nausea hasn’t let up nor has the exhaustion, I’m actually convinced I am getting more and more tired as I get further into this pregnancy. Thankfully, this week we got a brand new mattress and I have been getting much much better sleep than I was previously on our old mattress, thank the Lord! This week has been pretty quiet so far. We have really started to break into our Sophia The Giraffe Pregnancy Journal and I am in love (you can see this product here), this product is so incredibly adorable, I can’t even begin to tell you. Once we are all finished with it and Little Baby P is here, I will do a flip through with you guys. I love it! We also got the Baby’s Firsts and the Baby Album by this company. All of them are adorable and all of them are a lot cheaper on Amazon than they are in any book store, Amazon is the way to go! I’m starting to get what I think is some round ligament pain (I’m obviously not sure) it is a little bit of what feels like pulling on my right hip, it isn’t anything serious, just a very slight discomfort. I’m so excited I only have to wait about two and a half weeks to tell you guys the big news! Baby P is the size of a grape this week.

10 weeks

 The weeks just keep flying, oh my goodness. Two more weeks and I finally get to make this post public for you guys, I can’t believe it. In one short day we will be leaving for the beach for a week also, thank the Lord! Freddie and I haven’t had a vacation since we have gotten together, we never really had the money nor did we have the time. The fact that we are expecting a little one in September just makes this trip that much more special. We are so excited to bring the puppies along with us and just enjoy our time together. I have some homework assignments that need to be finished up, but beyond that, we are so excited to just sit on the beach and relax and listen to the ocean, it’s going to be so so great. So, this week  I thought that some of my exhaustion was disappearing, that is not the case. I am still very tired, the nausea has also come back quite a bit, which I wasn’t expecting. My food aversions are worse than ever, the only things that sit well on my stomach are sugar cookies and bagels with cream cheese. Anything else gives me heartburn and just makes me nauseous after the first bite. It’s a little frustrating to be so hungry and not have anything that sounds good to eat, however, I am just so thankful that our baby is healthy and still with us to be quite honest with you. My biggest worry when finding out I was pregnant was that I was going to miscarry or have complications. I am not the skinniest, that is no secret, so that really worried me. It made me feel self conscious also because I don’t want anyone to perceive me as being a bad mother because I am overweight. The worry of miscarrying has subsided slightly, but it is something that I think about every day. I have definitely noticed my belly getting bigger and harder as well, it’s definitely looked like I’ve put on a few pounds! The most prevalent symptom that I have had is tender breasts. It’s been horrible, just the slightest bump by one of the puppies is painful. Baby Patterson is the size of a Kumquat this week!

Week 11

Week 11

 We have spent the majority of this week at the beach and it has been wonderful. I got a new camera yesterday and I am so excited to use it. Today and tomorrow, our last two days at the beach, we are are going to be taking our pregnancy announcement photos and I am so excited to share them with you in just a few short days! This week has been good, the nausea has subsided a bit as well as the exhaustion. I’ve started to feel more like myself this week, which has been great. The one big problem I have had this week is sciatic pain. If I sit too long or I stand too long, or I walk to much, it starts to hurt. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do as much walking on the beach as I would like because the pain has just been terrible. Some days are worse than others, but it seems as though today is going to be pretty unbearable. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to share with you guys this week, there hasn’t been a ton going on we have just been relaxing at the beach and enjoying our time together. Well, this is the last entry for this post, I can’t wait to make it public for you guys and share our big news! Baby P is the size of a fig this week.

Freddie and I Onesie

I hope you all enjoyed this journey through the past six weeks as much as we have. Don’t worry, there is plenty more to come. I will be posting weekly updates each Tuesday letting everyone know how I’m feeling, if we hit any developmental milestones, all that good stuff. Along with that, make sure to keep your eyes open for my other posts, there should be a lot of DIY’s coming your way as we have a nursery to decorate! Along with that, our new home is really coming together and hopefully we will have the big reveal for that here soon for you guys. I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys, this is going to be a huge year for us and we are so excited to have all of you along for the ride. Thank you for bearing with us throughout this post and I hope you enjoyed it! As always, if you have ANY questions or post requests, please leave them in the comment box below! Don’t forget to subscribe to get all of the Dapper Dog updates straight to your inbox.


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