Hi everyone!

I’m completely flabbergasted that Jacob is already seven months old. We are now over halfway to him being one. I. Am. Not. Ready! Although, I am very excited to plan his first birthday!

Okay, back on track. Jacob has been so amazing this month. He is learning so much and his personality is just coming out so much more. He loves playing with toys now, especially his car, which you can check out in my momma favorites. Jacob also loves to just sit and chat, especially about his dada. Which was his first word and seemingly all he wants to say now.

Again, I think that the hardest part of this month really carried over from last month; the separation anxiety. He hasĀ such a hard time when I walk away from him. He’s gotten a little better, but it’s been really hard. Hard on him and hard on myself. I am hoping hoping hoping that this phase ends soon! Another hard part of this month was really trying to create a schedule and routine that works for us. We have been struggling with bedtime for the past seven months and working toward rectifying that has been difficult. I hope to do a post about it soon!

I think I had the most fun I’ve ever had with Jacob this month. We have been spending a lot of time with friends. We go to parks all the time and he has spent a lot of time around babies his age, which has been so much fun. Jacob is also really starting to become interested in foods and it’s been fun feeding him and seeing what he likes and doesn’t. Because he has been trying and eating more food, I’m going to include a new part in his stats about what is favorite food is that month!

Okay you guys, I think that wraps just about everything up. If you want to see more of our day to day life, check out my snapchat! We are pretty active on there and you get to see a lot of Jacob’s personality!

Jacob was born on October 1st, 2016 weighing 6lbs and 12.6oz and was 20 inches long. You can check out my full birth story here!

Weight – 21lbs 0.6oz

Height – 27 inches

Clothing size – 9-12 months

Jacob loves – playing in his car, talking to anyone who will listen, screaming (happily) at the top of his lungs, yelling “dadadadadadadadada”, and watching the puppies play.

Jacob dislikes – sleeping in his crib, bedtime, getting out of the bathtub, and when you take too long to load up his spoon with his next bite!

Jacob started – Saying “dada”, pulling up to stand while holding my hands, showing a huge interest in food, “scooting” on his hands and knees, and he can sit up by himself completely!

Favorite Food – He loves the Happy Baby Apple, Pumpkin, and Carrot puree pouch and he has been enjoying eggs!

I hope you guys enjoyed our little update! We can’t wait to share next month with you!

Until next time!