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I know, I know, I’m not technically out of the third trimester yet. However, I wanted to get this post written before I completely forgot all my pregnancy favorites! These things were all essential in getting me through the third trimester. I know that sounds silly, but I wasn’t prepared for how difficult the last trimester would be. If I didn’t have these things, I probably would have been a weeping mess!

Pregnancy Favorites Third Trimester

Threshold Density Pillow – I know what you’re thinking… A pillow, really?! YES! I was not prepared for just how heavy my belly would feel. I have been using this same pillow from the beginning of my pregnancy just to put underneath my belly. For a while, I wanted to get a pregnancy pillow, but when I saw the $50 price tag, I decided to make it work with what I had! We had an extra pillow and it became my belly support and I am so happy that I didn’t buy a pregnancy pillow, this pillow is so much easier to use than a big bulky pregnancy pillow. In the middle of the night I flip sides so much that having a small pillow is exactly what I needed!

Bubba Beverage Mug (32 oz) – I’ll admit it. I have been terrible about drinking enough water throughout my third trimester. So much so that I got admitted to the hospital for braxton hicks contractions stemming from dehydration. That really taught me my lesson and since then, I’ve been filling up this guy multiple times a day to stay hydrated.

Old Navy Flip Flops – Let’s be honest with each other, walking around while in the third trimester just isn’t fun and you swell… A lot. I was surprised that my feet got so swollen that they wouldn’t fit in my sneakers or Sperry’s. My only options were my slippers or flip flops. Being that it isn’t socially acceptable to wear slippers out of the house (as much as I wish it were), I have been wearing flip flops just about every single day!

Sports bras – Sports bras of any kind, really. They’re the only things that are comfortable because there isn’t any underwire poking me and I don’t have to worry about outgrowing them. If I didn’t have a stash of sports bras before this pregnancy, I definitely would have stocked up during, because comfort is of the upmost importance during the third trimester!

Kroger Big Wheel Ice Cream Sandwiches – Holy. Crap. These things are so delicious. Being that it is hot as sin outside here in Virginia, an ice cream sandwich really hits the spot. Sometimes it takes a second ice cream sandwich, not going to lie! Seriously though, these are so delicious and they have been one of my biggest third trimester cravings.

Gilligan and O’Malley Seamless Gown – I got this nightgown before I got pregnant and I loved it. Since getting pregnant, I have fallen in love with it even more. I will likely order a few more after I give birth, it is just so comfortable.  Best part is, they offer almost the same nightgown in a nursing style! If you’re looking for a really comfortable nightgown, I would seriously check this one out!

A nice, warm bath – With the third trimester also comes a lot of aches and pains. Back aches and hip aches and ligaments pulling… It’s just not the most fun. One thing that helped me more than anything was a long, warm bath. I have always enjoyed baths, but through the third trimester, I have taken at least two baths a week, it really just helps ease my aches and pains. One thing that I didn’t get to try was an epsom salt bath, but I have heard from other pregnant mommas that they are really great when you’re pregnant!

Okay guys, that wraps up my third trimester favorites! I feel like these are a lot different than my second trimester favorites, but these things have really gotten me through! Going through your third trimester, while completely magical, is also very very exhausting and you feel a little like your body isn’t yours. There is just so much going on and your body is changing daily, having just a few things that you love through this hard time is just a relief!

What were your third trimester must-haves? Are there any products you wish you had during your third trimester? How did you feel during the home stretch? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe so you never miss a Two Dapper Dogs update!

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