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Now that I am finally in my third trimester, I wanted to share some of my favorites from my second trimester with you!


Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion – I LOVE this lotion through pregnancy. For some reason during this time my skin has become increasingly sensitive! I love that it is unscented and thick without being oily or greasy. It’s just really moisturizing and it really makes my skin feel so good!

VSX Incredible sports bra – Oh. My. Goodness. This bra is absolutely great! I am the kind of person that really always hated wearing bras, they were never comfortable. Enter this sports bra – my life has changed. This bra does have underwire, but I really don’t feel it, rather, it just does what it is supposed to do, support while still being amazingly comfortable! The bra does have cups, but because it is made out of that sports bra material, it works. I am strongly considering throwing away all of my other bras and just using these for the rest of my life, no joke!

Shabby Chic Blanket – I don’t even know if I should call this a pregnancy favorite, but I am going to because I am in love with this blanket. I got one of these blankets years ago for Christmas from my mom and I loved it. Not only did I love the blanket, Freddie enjoys it quite a bit too. Of course, this created a slight tension because we both wanted the fluffy, fuzzy blanket and it was not big enough for the two of us. So, when we moved he surprised me with a new one and I love it so much. The blanket is so much softer than I remembered it ever being and it is so warm and plush and just amazing. I lug this blanket around the house with me and I am just completely in love with it. My body temperature typically runs pretty cold and this warm, fluffy blanket is just perfect for me!

Shick TrimStyle – My biggest gripe about pregnancy was not being able to shave my legs. Seriously. Every single time I would try to shave, my skin would get so itchy and irritated, you wouldn’t even believe how frustrating it was. I tried everything to try to make the itching sensation go away and nothing worked. I tried sensitive razors, different lotions (including the cetaphil), exfoliants, using cold water vs. hot water, nothing helped. I would always end up scratching my skin to the point of leaving scabs. That was until I found this razor. You may have seen the commercials for this razor on television, it has a typical razor on one end and an electric razor on the other. This thing has been a life saver. I use the electric razor without the guard on it and it gives me a pretty good shave and leaves me with no irritation. I am absolutely in love with this thing and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to look like bigfoot anymore!

Old Navy Jersey Maxi Dress – Since I bought this dress about two months ago, I have been wearing it non stop. I also now own it in two colors, the pink and the blue. I just love this dress, it’s flattering, it is light, it’s comfortable, and the fabric is just so soft and great. I will probably buy another pair of these dresses in a smaller size for next summer after I lose some baby weight. They are that comfortable!

Fresh Flowers – I know this sounds so silly, but I think the nesting bug has bitten me in this last half of the second trimester. I am constantly wanting everything to be clean in my house and with that, I have had an obsession with wanting fresh flowers in my home. I just love the way that they look and smell and just the element of beauty they bring to my home.

Reeses Puffs Cereal – This cereal has been my biggest craving of the second trimester. It is unreal. I have eaten this cereal just about every morning for this whole trimester and I am still not sick of it. It is so incredibly delicious, I can’t even begin to explain.

Carter’s Babysoft Swaddle Blankets – This was one of our first purchases for baby outside of clothes. I love these blankets, they’re so soft and I think they will be absolutely perfect for my little one when he gets here. I definitely am going to buy quite a few more of these before he gets here!

I hope you guys enjoyed some of my favorites from the second trimester and please don’t forget to share what some of your pregnancy favorites are! Keep an eye out for more of my pregnancy, baby, and lifestyle favorites, coming soon!








*All opinions in this post are my own, I have not been compensated in any way to share my opinions on these products!

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  1. I just had my baby but I totally had a craving for reese’s cereal too lol. Although my main one throughout the entire pregnancy was rootbeer and bagels

  2. Oh my gosh, it is so delicious. I ran out yesterday morning and had to make do with stinky old Frosted Flakes this morning, hahah! Oh, I loved bagels throughout my pregnancy and Diet Coke with Lime has been my addiction.

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