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First of all, I want to thank all of my followers, family, and friends for the amazing reception that we got with the announcement of little Baby P! We are so thankful for the wealth of support and love we received from everyone.


I wanted to write this post because I couldn’t really find anything that steered me toward which pregnancy books to buy, so, here are the ones that I bought and my feelings on them!


The Pregnancy Journal

Can be found here.


I bought this book after looking through a ton of them at Barnes and Noble, there was the Belly Book and from Pea to Pumpkin and this is the one that I really loved. I enjoyed the book because it gives you just enough information. What I mean by that is there isn’t too much information to where you are getting confused and there isn’t too little information that leaves you wanting more. While I love the daily entries and the wealth of information that they provide you with, I had a huge problem with the organization of the book. The book gives you instructions in the beginning of it on how to date your pregnancy journal. It asks you to go all the way to the end of the book and date the book backwards from your due date. I, of course, did not see or read the instructions. So, after being completely confused as to why the milestones in my apps weren’t matching up with the milestones in the book, I went searching for the instructions. I followed them and figured out that somehow, I was a week off. I honestly cannot stand the way that the book is numbered. I am currently in my 12th week of pregnancy, however, this week in my pregnancy is my 11th week according to this book and the 13th week from my last normal menstrual period (LNMP). I can’t stand it, after finding this out, it’s been driving me crazy because it doesn’t match the rest of what I’m reading and it’s confusing! I just don’t understand why it doesn’t match up and it isn’t something that I can deal with, personally.


Sofia the Giraffe Pregnancy Journal

Can be found here.


Again after about an hour of shuffling through the pregnancy shelf of my local Barnes and Noble, I found this ADORABLE pregnancy journal. It isn’t a day-to-day pregnancy journal, rather a journal for documenting your pregnancy through photos and memories. I am in love with this book! It brings humor when you’re so tired you don’t feel like laughing, it’s a conversation starter, and it’s just so darn adorable! I will most definitely be buying a copy of this book for each pregnancy I have, no questions asked!


The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

Can be found here.

I bought this book as a recommendation from my family doctor. I asked her what books she recommended and this was at the top of her list! I haven’t gotten deep into the book but so far it’s great. Not only is it funny, but it isn’t as demeaning or overwhelming as some other pregnancy books I have read. Rather, the author uses humor to connect with her audience and it really worked for me. I picked up the book to read a chapter and ended up getting through four. The author is absolutely hilarious and I just love it so far! I would recommend this book if you are just in need of a good laugh when it comes to your pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard and the author does a great job of acknowledging that and making you feel like you’re not alone. In addition to you not being alone, she gives you a funny story that relates to the topic that she is talking about. I thoroughly have enjoyed reading this book so far.


The Only Pregnancy Book You’ll Ever Need

Can be found here.

I really found this book to be quite helpful. Freddie picked it up and flipped through it and he really liked it. I will admit he has been reading it more than I have been, however with reading the first few chapters and flipping through the book I was pretty impressed! There are so many topics that they go through, like the obvious, weight gain during pregnancy, breast feeding, what to expect in each trimester, and changes in your body. There were also some other chapters I didn’t expect like making room for baby, life after birth, making final decisions, and feeling good throughout pregnancy. There is definitely a lot of information in this book, but from what I read none of it is overwhelming and they aren’t condescending like in other books I have heard about. Another really great feature of this book are little checklists and questions to answer at the end of just about each chapter. I was pleasantly surprised to see those and it made me feel like I was on top of things!


I’m Pregnant – a week-by-week guide from conception to birth

Can be found here.


Honesty time. I have only cracked this book twice and have done absolutely no serious reading in it. This book isĀ filled to the brim with photos and helpful information. The book is also filled with valuable information, it goes over blood flow, details from your different ultrasound scans and what you should be seeing. It also goes over the pregnancy hormones and the book is broken down into different weeks, which is nice because you can really dig into it from any point in your pregnancy. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking to get deeper into your pregnancy and really learn what is going on with your body and your baby. If you are looking for something simple that gives you just basic information, I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s almost like a textbook on pregnancy.


From Mother/Father to Daughter/Son

Can be found here, here, here, and here.

Freddie actually brought these books to my attention and I am so glad. These little books are the absolute cutest. The books walk you through birth to teenage years and just give you little tips and tricks like, “Always kiss your daughter/son before they go to sleep” and it’s just so great. It really gives you insight into how things will be when they arrive and being a first-time mother, that was really important to me. The books just give you guidance on how to make sure that your children are raised in a nurturing and loving environment. I would definitely recommend these books to keep on hand and dig into them whenever you feel you need to read them. I can’t wait to have them on my bedside table and read into them when I need them. I would 100% recommend them to anyone!

I hope that you guys give these books a chance, the majority of them are really great! I bought all of my books from Amazon. However, I would truly recommend going to a Barnes and Noble or Books a Million and checking out the books in person before you buy them. I would have never made the decisions on the books that I did if I didn’t go look at them in person first. Also, all of the links that I have posted will take you to Amazon, again, that’s where I bought all of my books. They were significantly cheaper on Amazon versus buying them from Barnes and Noble.

What pregnancy books were your favorite? What would you suggest? Don’t forget to leave those suggestions in the comments below. Subscribe to our email list below and get Two Dapper Dog’s updates straight to your inbox!



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