Hi guys! It’s that time again! I had quite a few favorites this month. It was really hard to pare down my favorites but I hope you enjoy the ones I have here! Keep your eyes peeled for a new Momma favorites coming soon. BEAUTY Laqa & Co. B’Lighter in Peacher’s Daughter – I got this […]

17 Jan 2017


Momma’s Favorites|One Month to Two Months Old

Hi everybody! Where did the time go? How is my little baby already two months old?! Seriously! I can’t believe that he is growing so fast… And so quickly! Make it stop already. This month I wanted to share some of JJ’s favorite items with you and little things that have helped to keep me […]

9 Dec 2016


Here Comes the Bride|Meet Mrs. Patterson

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you! This weekend, I got married to my best friend. We had a small ceremony with my parents, my in-laws, our siblings, Jacob, and Freddie and I’s grandparents as well as his aunt, uncle, and nephew. I wore a simple, ivory dress that I got […]

7 Dec 2016


Two Month Update|Meet Jacob Sullivan

Hi everyone! Two months? What the heck?! Where did my tiny, six pound newborn go? When did he turn into this curious, chubby, wide-eyed baby? Jacob has done wonderfully over the past month. He sleeps very well, typically from 11pm to 5am continuously. He is also still a wonderful eater. We have switched to a […]

6 Dec 2016


Favorites|November 2016

Hi everyone! It’s that time again! Where did the time go? November just FLEW by. This month I’m going to try and share a little wider variety of my favorites with you with a new category for my seasonal favorites! Let’s get to it: BEAUTY HAH! What is beauty? Just kidding.. ipsy – I signed […]

2 Dec 2016


Momma’s Favorites|Birth to One Month Old

Hi everyone! Never did I know that a month could fly by so quickly! Especially coming out of the last month of pregnancy, which we all know is a million years long. This past month has been the best month of my whole entire life. Never have I been so sleep deprived, never has my […]

18 Nov 2016


Favorites|October 2016

Hi everyone! Wow, it has been forever since I have done a monthly favorites post. With the new baby here and getting into the groove with that, I just haven’t had the time to get my stuff together! Please forgive me because my favorites may be a little skimpy this month! BEAUTY Clinique 3 Step Kit […]

4 Nov 2016


Graco Travel System|Product Review

Hi everyone! Freddie and I spent hours in the stroller and car seat aisle scoping out what travel system we wanted to buy. First we fell in love with a travel system by GB, then we really liked a travel system by Chicco. After seeing everything that these companies had to offer, we ultimately decided to […]

3 Nov 2016


One Month Update|Meet Jacob Sullivan

Hi everyone I know it’s cliché to say, but I feel like I blinked and this month just flew by, I am just so shocked that I have a one month old. What a month this has been, too! Never have I felt so exhausted, overwhelmed, and in love in my entire life. Jacob has […]

3 Nov 2016