At the ripe old age of 21 I moved out of my parents’ house and into a townhouse that my boyfriend was renting. That townhouse was great, a little yard, quiet neighborhood, great space. Just absolutely wonderful. Until our lease ended. From there we decided to move into an apartment, downsize a little as we didn’t need three bedrooms for just the two of us. So, we toured a few apartments and fell in love with a complex in swankier part of town, it has a great mall, great restaurants, we wanted to make it an adventure. So, we signed Doggie In the Window editeda lease, 16 months. With as beautiful as these apartments were, we would have never guessed the amount of problems we would have. Starting with the fact that our move in date was pushed back three times. They are brand new, and when I say brand new, they were thrown up for the sake of meeting a deadline and then selling the complex. The walls don’t meet at a 90 degree angle in most places. Our island is built lopsided, our kitchen sink is the shallowest sink you have ever seen. Our apartment was not the product that we were expecting, not even in the least bit. On top of that, any problem you could expect to have in an apartment complex, we have had it. Mice, broken air condition unit, terrible appliances, a terribly loud upstairs neighbor, oh, and the dog park is right outside our bedroom window. Our time here as been beyond miserable. With all that being said, we don’t know where to move next! Do we roll the die and sign another apartment lease? Or should we go the completely opposite way and rent a house so that the two dapper dogs have some place to play? We are so incredibly torn. We don’t want to encounter the same problems we have had with this complex, no matter if it is a great part of town and the complex is gorgeous. So what do you guys think? Give me some feedback, the dapper dogs and I would appreciate it!








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