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Last year when I set out to make my resolutions I wanted to try something different.  Instead of setting very specific goals, I decided to pick a word for the year. If you remember from last year, my biggest goal was to lose weight. Unfortunately that goal went down the tubes, but for good reason. On the 25th of January, I found out I was expecting and I was about five and a half weeks. This year, I wanted to follow the same structure of picking a word for the year. I think picking one word to emulate through the year is much less overwhelming than setting numerous goals.

So, without further ado, my word for the year is*:

I chose this this word for many reasons; the first one being that I feel I lack it. I chose the word discipline is because it applies to so many areas in my life: discipline in my faith, discipline in my daily routine, financial discipline, discipline in creating my business, etc.

When I set out to pick my word, I sat down to make a list of what I wanted out of this next year. The first word I wrote down was discipline. In my life, I have learned that my success is parallel to my discipline. The blog was the least successful when I wasn’t taking the time to write. My finances were the most out of control when I wasn’t tracking what I was spending. My faith in God was the most lacking when I wasn’t spending time in His word. All of these things revolve around the same theme; I wasn’t putting my time in the right places – I wasn’t following a routine to set me up for success. That single word on the paper was my list. When I couldn’t come up with more words, I knew that discipline was my word for this year.

With that being said, I slowly created a plan. The first bullet on my list was going to church regularly. First, we needed to find a church; so Freddie and I went online and found a church we thought would fit us. We attended a service and loved it. We have been going ever since. In addition to going to church to strengthen my faith, I dug up a daily devotional I bought last year and never used. I have been reading it daily since I picked it up.

To tackle our finances, Freddie and I looked up books and systems to follow. We landed on Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope method. First and foremost, we knew we had to catch up on our bills. We are very close to successfully reaching that baby step that we set for ourselves. From there, we will follow the baby steps that Dave Ramsey lays out in his book, Total Money Makeover.

My plan for becoming healthier and more physically fit, started with buying a new pair of sneakers and making a smoothie every morning. With baby steps, I was able to nail down a better morning routine for myself. Wake up, feed the baby, put him back down to sleep, and get up and make myself a smoothie. From there, I started my coffee, then put my essential oils in my diffuser. Making one conscious decision to just make a smoothie every morning allowed me to tackle another one of my goals, which is following a morning routine.

It’s amazing to me that by changing just one thing each day, like waking up earlier instead of going back to sleep, I was able to accomplish something to put me closer to my goals.

What are your goals or resolutions for this year? Did you pick one word for the year as well? Tell me in the comments below!

*as defined by Merriam-Webster

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4 thoughts on “My One Word|Discipline”

  1. Love this, I can totally relate with the struggle for discipline – especially with my faith and finances! My word this year is confidence. 🙂

  2. Lauren,
    I love the word confidence. Confidence is something I lack in just about every aspect of my life, especially being a new parent. I wish I had thought of it! 😂


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