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Wow, long time no post! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that our little boy joined us at the beginning of this month and we are just so ecstatic. So, to get back into my blogging groove, I wanted to share my birth story with you guys. I hope you enjoy it!

My original due date was September 27th, which came and went. After a doctors appointment on the 28th, we set up a date to be induced. I was to head into my hospital on October 2nd and they were going to induce me using the Foley bulb. On the morning of October 3rd, my doctor was going to come and break my water if it hadn’t broken on it’s own and we would have a baby just shy of the 41 week mark by a day. Well, Jacob heard these plans and laughed because he had his own plans!



On October 1st at 4:30am I was rolling over and I felt something that I can only describe as a “pop”. I got up to use the restroom and immediately felt a gush. My water had broken and I got the message that Jacob did not want to be a September baby! I immediately called out to Freddie and told him that my water had broken he told me to call the hospital to figure out what our next step is. So, I grabbed my phone and they told me to take my time, take a shower if I needed to and to start heading toward the hospital. We did just that and we arrived at the hospital around 6:00am. Then they tested me to make sure that my water did break and I didn’t just have an accident. Lucky me, I was right in that my water had broken. At that point, they started my intake paperwork and then they checked me for dilation. At my previous appointments I had been 1cm dilated and after checking me, they saw that there wasn’t any change in dilation but I was 50% effaced. In order to speed up the labor process naturally, they suggested that I walk the hallways. Starting at 7am, I did just that. Unfortunately, after about four and a half hours of walking the hallways, I had no progression. At this point, my family had come to visit, my sister, mom, and dad were all there. I wanted my mom to be in the delivery room with me when I gave birth because this is her first grandchild and it meant a lot to me that she be there.

After seeing that the walking wasn’t helping my labor progress, they decided to get me started on Pitocin. After about an hour or two, the nurses came rushing into the room saying that the baby’s heart rate had dipped very low. They laid me back on the bed, had me flip to my side and threw an oxygen mask on me. Luckily, his heart rate came back up and at that point, they gave me a break from the Pitocin. About an hour or an hour and a half later, they decided to turn the Pitocin back on after giving me a ton of fluids through my IV, in hopes it would help with baby’s heart rate. A little later, maybe an hour and a half to two hours, it happened again. At this point they gave me the peanut ball to put in between my legs and they had me switching sides back and forth to get his heart rate to come back up. Again, luckily, it stabilized and everything seemed fine. However, I still didn’t have any progression, the doctor on call checked me, I was still at 1cm and 50% effaced. After this second dip in the heart rate, the doctor told me that I might have to go in for a c-section. I told her that I’d love to give birth vaginally, but I would do whatever I needed to to deliver a healthy baby. At this point, though, I started to feel very strong contractions in my hips. I’m not sure if it was from using the peanut ball, but they were unbearable. It felt like my hips were going to explode from so much pressure and at that point, I called the nurse and asked for an epidural, which I was horrified about. I was so so scared about the huge needle and felt even worse when I found out that Freddie couldn’t be in the room with me when I got it. Thankfully, the anesthesiologist was very fast and got to me very quickly with the epidural and I felt really great after that. The pain went away very quickly and I was hoping that my labor would speed up and I would get to meet my baby very soon.

Soon after I got the epidural, it was the hospital shift change, at 7:00pm. My parents decided to step out for a bite to eat and my new nurse came in and introduced herself, my old nurse made her aware of all of the problems baby and I had been having and she wished me luck. I’d say about 10-20 minutes later, I looked over at Freddie and I knew something bad was happening. My heart just dropped. Before I had the chance to ask if everything was okay, my old nurse came rushing in again saying that baby’s heart rate had dipped. She immediately started ripping cords out of the wall and taking monitors off of me and she said, “I don’t care what the doctor says, you are getting a c-section, this isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for baby, you need to go now.”

I have never been so scared in my entire life. I looked over at Freddie as a ton of nurses rushed into the room and I could see he was scared too. My life and my son’s life were both seemingly in danger. I looked at one of the nurses as they were wheeling me out of the room and I asked her if Freddie was going to be able to come with me and she said yes. That was the only thing that was holding me together at that point. Never in my life have I ever been so panicked and so calm at the same time. I knew that if I started to freak out that it would raise my heart rate and likely my blood pressure and that was the last thing that baby needed. I just remember thinking to myself, “you have to be calm. You have to be calm for your son or you could lose him.” That is exactly what I did. On the way to the operating room, I took deep breaths and just tried to focus on happy things.

Before I new it, they were lifting me onto another hospital bed and they were throwing up the curtain between me and my tummy. Then the anesthesiologist checked on me and checked my epidural and I looked over and Freddie was there, thank goodness. After that was kind of a blur. Everything happened so fast. My biggest sense of relief came when I heard Jacob crying. Thank God he was okay. While hearing his crying, I heard a nurse say that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. Then they called out his weight, 6lbs and 12.6oz, then they called Freddie over to see him. Freddie was able to get photos and and he got to hold him. Then he brought him over to me and I was a weeping mess. I was so thankful that my son was okay and the first thing I asked was if he had hair. Freddie told me yes and I just lost it. I was so happy, he was so beautiful.



After all the chaos, they stitched me up and we were moved back to our room and I finally got to hold my son. We got to do skin to skin and I got to breastfeed him right away. He latched on so well and I just couldn’t believe that we made this tiny human being to be completely honest. I was and still am in complete awe.


My hospital stay was great. Our nurses were absolutely wonderful, Jacob ate well the whole time, he was having regular pees and poos and he was just the best baby. Everyone fell in love with him. I’m a little biased, but I truly can’t blame them, he is a charmer. On the day of my discharge, my nurse saw that my incision had a little bit of leakage. She said that was normal and we didn’t think much of it. On Friday of that week (I got discharged on Tuesday) I went to the emergency room. My incision had opened up and was leaking fluid. Thankfully, we caught it early and I (so far) have been able to avoid infection, thankfully.

After seeing my doctor the week after giving birth, they put me on at home wound care, as they saw that my incision opened up in not one, but two places. For the past three weeks, I have been on wound care. I have the best nurse and I am healing wonderfully. The best part is that she is a pediatric nurse, so she checks on Jacob every time she comes to visit (three times a week) and I get to avoid some of the new mommy jitters. In three short weeks, I have even healed so well that they aren’t having to pack my wounds anymore and I might be discharged as soon as the 31st! As sad as I am to not have my wonderful nurse making house calls, I am so happy that I am closer to being my normal self. Recovering from a c-section is hard! As you guys can probably tell from my lack of posting.


As I write this, Jacob is two days shy of being four weeks old and five days shy of being a month old. He is still breastfeeding amazingly. I am lucky enough to have a good supply and a good latch. I didn’t imagine that I would want to breastfeed, but the thought of stopping brings tears to my eyes. Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience and bond, it just makes me feel so proud that I am able to provide food for my son.

Overall, Jacob’s birth was not at all how I pictured it would be. However, I am just so beyond thankful that I have this beautiful baby boy in my life and I just love him to pieces. Even with the complications and the scares, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so happy to have this little blessing in my life and I can’t believe that I am a mom!


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*Thank you to Bella Baby for the amazing photographs you captured in our hospital room, we will treasure them forever.*

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  1. HI Mariah, it is so nice to see you posting again. I am do thankful that it all worked out so well. It amazing how in certain situatipns how you can stay calm. That is a good place to be all the time. Life just happens 🙂

    You fan aunt sandy

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