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Now that my due date is fast approaching, (nine weeks, can you believe it?!) I figured it was about time to share my birth plan with you guys.


This being my first pregnancy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options, hospital birth, home birth, birthing center, no epidural, epidural, hiring a doula or birth coach… It’s a lot to think about and go over. After a few conversations with Freddie, and really thinking about what wanted and what would be best for our little one, I was finally able to make a plan… To not make a plan.

Beyond the basics of registering at a hospital, I haven’t made any concrete decisions revolving around the birth of our son. I am thoroughly convinced that I will want an epidural when the time comes, but if I am able to handle the pain, I might not get one. My mind is not 100% set on one single thing.

Why? Why not just make a decision so I don’t have to stress about it?

Honestly, I don’t feel pressured to make these decisions because I’m not stressed about it. People give birth every day, and birth plans don’t always go the way you want them to. I know myself and I know that I would be more stressed if something wasn’t going to plan rather than leaving my options open. So, my birth plan is to deliver a healthy baby. If that means an epidural, then I will take the epidural. If it means I need to deliver via c-section, that is what I will do.

That being said, I do have a semblance of a plan for after birth. Freddie and I were both interested in the benefits of delayed cord clamping and delayed bathing for our little guy. We did a little bit of research on our own, most of which swayed either way. However, after taking a tour at the hospital we chose, these two things are standard practice for them. Even though there may not be outstanding proven medical evidence for these things being beneficial, we were pretty happy to see that they were standard at our hospital. We figured that these to practices can’t hurt the little guy, so we are excited to (hopefully) see the benefits!

So, while I may not have all of the pieces of the puzzle put together, I am pretty satisfied  with my birth plan. Did any of you guys have a birth plan heading into your last couple of months pregnant? Did your birth plan go to plan? Or did you decide to plan not to plan?

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6 thoughts on “Creating My Birth Plan”

  1. No plan or at least a very flexible one is definitely the way to go. I had a birth at a birth center, so no option for meds, but I was absolutely ready to go to the hospital if it became necessary. Also wanted a water birth, but she ended up being too large (she was 10lbs) to deliver in the tub so I had to get out of the tub for her actual birth. Good luck on yours! It’s great having a new little one (although a lot of work and definitely an adjustment)

  2. That’s interesting. I definitely have heard water births are great, and while I would love to try one, I know my pain tolerance and I don’t think I would be able to do a natural birth. Thank you, though! I am so excited for our little guy to get here, I’ve been nesting like crazy!

  3. Oh I know, natural birth is definitely not for everyone. I was wanting pain meds at the end for sure lol. Get sleep while you can!

  4. Haha, I’m having a hard time sleeping with my fiancé’s snoring as it is. I think it’s God preparing me for the baby! lol

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