Hi everyone!

April already?! March flew by so, so quickly. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t do very much this month so my favorites are going to be fairly limited. Freddie started a new job this month, also, so life has been pretty hectic.


Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette – I was invited to a blogger’s preview night at the Southern Women’s Show a couple weeks back. I wanted to try a look different from my everyday eye so I busted out this eyeshadow palette. Just like every other Urban Decay product I own, this palette is great. The shadows are like butter going on, they have great pigmentation, and I love the little bit of sparkle they have. This palette would be perfect to use for a night out with the girls or your husband or you could even do a lighter smoky eye for a day out or a job interview!

Ulta Tropical Fruit Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – A few months back I was raving about the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub and I fell in love with it. I got this sugar scrub as a stocking stuffer from my mom and I actually really love this scrub too! It works really well and it smells delicious! The one thing I wanted to highlight with this scrub is that it can almost be used as a soap! When you work this scrub into your skin, it starts to foam up like a soap would.


Ava & Viv Pink Button Down Shirt – Plaid button downs have become a staple in my “momiform”. They can be worn with jeans or leggings, and they’re nursing friendly, which is a must! They can also be dressed up or dressed down which I like. They’ve definitely become a favorite for me! This one is so, so soft also.

C9 Champion Capris – It’s no secret I’m trying to get this baby weight off. I wanted to find some reasonably priced workout pants, so off to Target I went. I found some great pairs of capris in the clearance section and they are so comfortable. I’ve talked about the full length Champion yoga pants before and my love of them. These are no different. I love how soft and comfortable they are. My favorite feature in the capris I got are the mesh panels for breathability!

C9 Champion Women’s Tech Tee – Along with workout pants, I needed some shirts also. The best part about these shirts is how soft they are. When I’m working out, I like to be comfortable and these shirts fit the bill.


Plum Paper Family Planner – I did a flip through of this planner on my Instagram story and I promised I would keep you updated as to how much I like it. And not only do I like it, I love it! It’s absolutely perfect for what we needed. I’m going to do a more in-depth review a little later, but if you’re looking for a family planner, check this one out!

Chillout Stainless Steel Tumbler – I have been wanting a Yeti mug for a while now. I am constantly pouring coffee and forgetting I have it. It goes in the microwave five times and then it tastes like garbage. Thankfully, this mug keeps my coffee hot for hours and hours on end. It also works the opposite way and keeps my drinks cold for hours and hours on end. I’m seriously contemplating getting another one!

Rubbermaid Fresh Works Produce Saver – Due to my mission to lose weight, we have been eating a lot of salad recently. Thankfully we found this container to save produce. Every time we grocery shop, we chop up all of our lettuce and stick it in two of these containers. It keeps the lettuce fresh for at least a week. We absolutely love it. This container has saved us so much money because we aren’t throwing away any spoiled produce!


LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headphones – I have been meaning to add these headphones to my favorites for a while now. When Freddie and I decided to upgrade our phones, we knew we would be losing a headphone jack. So I knew I needed a solution. Freddie suggested these headphones and I love them! I love that they sit on my neck and that the earbuds retract, it makes taking phone calls when holding baby SO much easier. Even if you don’t have the iPhone 7, with the removed headphone jack, I would recommend these if you’re needing a hands-free solution for phone calls!

LoveHandle Phone Grip – As I just said, I have the iPhone 7+. It’s not a small phone, in fact, it’s rather huge. So it’s really hard to hold onto sometimes. For a while, I’d been looking at getting a LoopyCase. Unfortunately, spending $50 for a phone case isn’t in the cards for us at this moment. So instead I decided to get this phone grip. It adheres to the back of your phone and has an elastic loop that you can stick your fingers through. It allows me to get a better grip on the phone. Gone are the days of dropping the phone on my (or the baby’s) face.

Grey’s Anatomy – This show is my new obsession. I have binged through all twelve seasons on Netflix. I am not proud, but I did it… And I’m not necessarily mad about it. I am loving this show. Freddie and I are avid Scandal watchers and I actually watched this show from the start with my parents years and years ago. I really liked it but I was so busy with work and school it just fell of the radar and eventually they stopped watching too. Thank goodness for Netflix. If you haven’t watched this show… Do it!

Okay guys, that about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed my favorites for this month. This month has gone by so fast I barely got to think about my favorites. What things did you guys enjoy this month? Share them with us below, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time!

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