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I know that I keep saying this but I truly can’t believe where the time has gone. This month has been so much fun because J finally is starting to play and be receptive to toys. Without further ado, here are some of Jacob’s favorites from this month!

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Mat – JJ got this as an early Christmas present and he is LOVING it! He is always kicking and cooing and he absolutely loves the music that the mat plays. He also loves the bright colors of the hanging toys. I attribute Jacob being okay with putting down to this mat 100%! Before we got this thing, he hated to be put down, and now he is happy as a clam.

Owlet Baby Monitor – One of my biggest fears as a new mom is SIDS. There is so much uncertainty revolving around SIDS and I just needed something to ease my mind. Enter the Owlet monitor. This thing has allowed me to sleep at night. I’m not up every hour checking to see if he is breathing now, instead I can actually sleep, which we all know, we need to take it as we can get it! Its a tad on the pricey side, but I would buy it ten times over just for the peace of mind it has given me.

Homedics MyBaby SoundSpa – My baby is a 100% sounds baby, he loves music and he loves white noise. In fact, white noise is the only thing that will calm him down in the car and I have a really great app that plays the white noise, but I needed something that I could use besides my phone that could be used on-the-go and at home. This noisemaker is perfect. It can be plugged in for home use or you can throw some batteries in it and use it on the go! It really is the best!

Mortimer Clip and Go Moose – I first saw this from my favorite blogger, Jen from Pretty Neat Living, and I thought Morty was so cute that we went out and got one and Jacob loves him! He is always clipped to our car seat and I think J just loves all of the textures on him. His favorite are the silky legs and the rattles in the feet! He always is holding one of Morty’s legs, shaking it. It is just so cute! He also seems to really love the rubber antlers, already he is starting to gum on them from time to time. It’s so fun to watch his playing styles evolve!

Fisher Price Sooth and Glow Giraffe – We used this for a while and JJ really seemed fascinated with the light up belly of the giraffe and like I said before he really loves sounds, so the music that it played really seemed to soothe him very well. We aren’t used it as much now that we have the noisemaker, but from time to time we pull it out and he seems to like it. It seems like more of a playtime toy rather than a bedtime toy now though.

Carter’s Babysoft Swaddle Blankets – It’s so funny to learn things that your baby prefers. One of those things is that J just can’t go to sleep without being covered up with a blanket. When he is in a car seat, he has a blanket, when he is in his swing, blanket, in bed at night, blanket, in mommy or daddy’s lap, blanket. These blankets are great because they aren’t but so heavy. They’re warmer than the Aden and Anais muslin blankets, but not as heavy as a big, fuzzy blanket so he won’t overheat. We loved using them during the fall when it was chilly but not too cold for a heavy blanket!

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier – I love my Boba wrap still, but this thing is on another level! It is so comfortable to wear, it’s cute, and I love that it’s structured. The Boba wrap is great for around the house, but it gets so darn hot with my furnace of a baby in it! My favorite feature about this carrier is the zip down panel on the front. When you zip down the panel, it’s mesh underneath so you get some airflow for yourself and for baby! My other favorite feature is the adjustable seat. I love love love that you don’t have to use an infant insert with this carrier, instead the seat buttons into a narrower seat for baby’s little hips. It’s so great and I don’t have to worry about losing a pillow or insert.




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