Hey guys!

This month I have a ton of different products to share with you! Jacob has done so much more playing this month than he ever did previously. Because of that very fact, I have fallen in love with a ton of products and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Fisher Price “Sit Me Up” Seat – If you read my four month update post for Jacob, you know that he is just itching to sit up. This seat as been a God send! I did quite a bit of research on the seats they have on the market now, like the Bumbo seat. However, they offer little to no back support for baby, which I wasn’t a fan of. The Fisher Price “Sit Me Up” seat offers a ton of support, which makes me feel so much better. It gives me peace of mind to know he isn’t slouching over because he doesn’t have the trunk muscles to support himself yet. I also love that it has little toys attached and loops to attach different toys if you so please. This seat allows me to brush my teeth and make myself breakfast and Jacob loves it; it’s a win-win.

Disney Baby Soft “Crinkle” Books – Jacob has always enjoyed the “crinkle” noises from baby toys. When we saw these books, we knew they were an absolute must-have! My husband and I both love Disney everything so it was even more perfect that they revolved around characters we know and love. We keep one on the car seat at all times and one floating around our toy bucket. Jacob loves playing with them and they are our go-to toy when Jacob needs entertainment.

Sassy Flip and Grip Rattle – These rattles were a stocking stuffer for JJ and he loves them. Jacob got the hang of shaking a rattle at the very tail end of his second month of life. Since then he will shake anything that makes a noise. We chose these rattles because they have a little mirror on one side of the “flipping” piece and Jacob loves mirrors; we joke that he is vain! Freddie and I also really liked the fact that they are brightly colored and high contrast.

O-Ball Rattle (similar) – I actually got this rattle because it caught Jacob’s eye at the store. I picked it up and shook it and he smiled, so into our cart it went! Seemingly that’s how all of our purchases happen nowadays. Anyway, we really love this rattle because of how easy it is for Jacob to grip! It has a ton of holes in it so that he can hold it any way that he feels comfortable and he even switches it from one hand to the other.

Gymboree Tiger Lovey – I mentioned Mr. Stripes in our four month update; He is by far Jacob’s favorite toy. I got the lovey on a whim when we were shopping at Gymboree one day. The print on the blanket portion of the lovey is my absolute favorite. We have a onesie and a blanket with that print on it. I believe obsession is the word I’m looking for! One day we decided to introduce Stripes into our daily routine and he hasn’t been taken out since. Stripes is next to Jacob in the car seat, when he is in his swing, and during the day when he wants something to do with his hands. The only time these best friends are apart is when Jacob is sleeping.

The Wonder Weeks App – iPhone|Android – It’s simply amazing the information that you acquire once becoming a parent. One thing that I had never heard of are these mental “leaps” that baby goes through while they’re maturing. These “leaps” as they call them are basically mental growth spurts. With each leap, baby acquires new skills. Jacob is currently toward the tail end of his fourth leap, which allows him to see things far away as well as reach out and grab toys. This leap also helps them progress in their language skills, watching parent’s and caretaker’s mouths move and even sometimes responding! This app allows parents to track what leap baby is going through and what to do to soothe baby through these periods as well as what you can expect during and after each leap.

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