Hi everyone,

Life has been so hectic recently, I apologize for my lack of presence here. We have had a lot going on in our personal lives. I am so excited to share some of these happenings with you very soon. Please bare with me as I find my footing!

Six to seven months was a really fun time for our dapper family. Jacob is really coming into his own and his personality is really starting to shine through. He’s loving playing with toys and is becoming more and more independent by the day. A lot of our favorite toys from this past month light up and sing or talk or play music. That feature has been pretty consistent with his favorite toys.

Fisher Price Crawl Around Car – I had been eyeing this car on Amazon for a few months but hadn’t pulled the trigger because it is a little price-y. Well, I was lucky enough to find a used one on Facebook Marketplace for only $15! Jacob absolutely loves this car. He sits and turns the steering wheel and honks the horn for quite a while before he gets bored. My favorite feature is it’s ability to grow with baby. Jacob stays pretty fixated on the wheel and the horn, however, as he grows I can already see him playing with the gear shifter and “turning on” the car. There are also slots on the side for balls and shape organizing. By far, my favorite feature about the car is the sound effects it makes. The doors make opening and closing noises, when you start the car, it makes engine noises. It’s adorable!

Fisher Price BeatBo – This toy was an absolute home run in one of my birth groups. Everyone in the group seemingly has a BeatBo. Again, I couldn’t justify spending but so much money on him. So when I saw him for $10 at Kid-to-Kid, I had to get him. Jacob seems to really enjoy BeatBo! Jacob is constantly fixated on BeatBo’s glowing belly and all the different colors that light up.

Bright Starts Taggies Lion Lovey – You guys may recall from one of my previous posts that we had an adorable lovey from Gymboree, Mr. Stripes. Unfortunately we only had two and one got a pretty large hole in it. Gymboree stopped selling this lovey and I felt compelled to replace it with something different. Growing up I lost my lovey “Bun Bun” at least three times. I wanted to get something that would be a little bit more readily available in case a lovey got lost. I decided upon this lovey from Target because Jacob loves his other Taggies toys and he really seemed interested in this one. Well, Jacob and Simba have become fast friends and he loves chewing on Simba’s tags and his arms. It ended up being a transition for the better!

Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks – We actually were given this block set from our dear friends. Jacob played with it when we played at their house one day last month and she was so kind that she gifted it to us. It has quickly become one of Jacob’s favorite toys. Jacob is in this stage where he loves to bang one object against another. This is absolutely perfect for that. While he isn’t sorting the shapes quite yet, he loves to drop the shapes into the bucket and then pour them all out. I’ve noticed as we get closer to his eight month mark, he is enjoying more tactile toys. Things that he can build and this fits the bill perfectly!

Baby Banana Tooth Brush – This is another product that I found from my favorite blogger, Jen from Pretty Neat Living. Every month I looked forward to watching her baby favorites videos and this was one of her daughter’s favorites. Jacob has followed suit and really enjoys chewing on this toy. He is currently working on two teeth and this brush seems to really soothe his gums, which is absolutely wonderful.

Leap Frog My Pal Scout – We got this for Jacob at Christmas and slowly but surely it has become one of his favorite toys. My absolute favorite feature about this toy is that you can personalize it to your child. Scout speaks to your child using their name, their favorite color, animal, and food! We got a Scout for my stepson when he was Jacob’s age and I knew when I got pregnant that Scout was on our list of toys to buy!

Okay guys, I think that just about wraps our favorites from this month up. Thank you for being so patient with me as I am navigating a lot of different projects and events in my personal life currently. I appreciate every single person who visits and checks this blog, whether it be regularly, every once in a while, or if it’s your first time here! Just a reminder if you would like to see more content of a specific type, please send me a message via my contact tab! I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time!

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