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Where did the time go? How is my little baby already two months old?! Seriously! I can’t believe that he is growing so fast… And so quickly! Make it stop already. This month I wanted to share some of JJ’s favorite items with you and little things that have helped to keep me (slightly) more sane. I hope you enjoy!


Infantino Tummy Time Mat – J gets a lot of tummy time action from all the time he spends laying on his momma. However, I try to get him to do a bit of tummy time on the floor when I remember. He actually doesn’t mind this thing. I love the pillow that attaches and detaches that we can prop him up on. My favorite thing is the little mirror. JJ loves looking at himself in the mirror. Freddie and I joke around that he is slightly vain!

4 Moms Bathtub – The only thing JJ loves more than his mommy and daddy is bath time. This child would live in the water if we let him. He loves bath time! The 4 Moms tub just makes everything easier. Our hot water heater allows our water to get really hot because of how it was set and the built in thermometer on this bad boy makes it so easy to make sure J isn’t getting burned. The only thing I would recommend is some kind of sponge insert to hold baby in place. Slippery plastic tub + slipper naked baby = tag team bath time!

Shea Moisture Baby Soap and Lotion – This is the only soap and lotion we have used on baby and they’re so wonderful. The scents aren’t overwhelming and the nighttime one really helps J to calm down. I think that it helps to get him ready for sleep and calm down. Let me tell you, after a bath he does need to calm down because he gets mad when we take him out of the bathtub

Lasinoh mOmma Bottles – Freddie and I bought Tommee Tippee bottles when I was pregnant because we heard so many good things about them. I also thought they would be perfect for a breastfed baby, after all, the nipples look very similar to a breast! Welp, those bottles DID NOT work for us. We were desperate to find something that did work because we like to go on little adventures with baby and I’m just not comfortable breastfeeding in public yet. So, we desperately tried all the bottles that came in our registry bags and this is the one that Jacob liked! It has a nice, flexible nipple and a wide base that allows him a good latch. It is perfect and I would recommend it to any momma who is having a hard time introducing a bottle to their little one!

Spectra S2 Breast Pump – From the very beginning of my breastfeeding journey, I have had an oversupply. I am so grateful that I have been able to be able to feed my baby adequately, however, having such an oversupply has been so painful. Enter the Spectra S2. This thing is perfect. It works great, allows me to ease some engorgement pain and I’ve been able to freeze a nice stash for my little guy as well as donate some breast milk. It’s been wonderful!

Water Wipes – I found out about these through Jen at Pretty Neat Living and we absolutely love them! I 100% attribute the little to no diaper rash JJ has gotten to these. We tried the Honest wipes and hated them. They just didn’t do a good job cleaning his little bum! The Water Wipes do a great job though. They’re nice and thick, have a good amount of moisture in them and they really allow us to get everything clean! Plus, they’re just water and grapefruit extract, so you can use them on anything! His face, body, on yourself; they’re very versatile!

Phillips Avent Soothies and MAM Pacifiers – When JJ (rarely) decides he would like to take a paci, these are the only two that he will take! They are a lifesaver when he decides to take them, it allows me to set him down and get something small done. They’re also really nice because they allow him to soothe himself for a little bit.

Okay you guys, I think that’s about it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please share what your little one’s favorites were at this age!

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