I know I keep saying it, but… Make it stop! How did five months go by already? I can’t believe we are almost halfway to Jacob’s first birthday! This month Jacob has been very interactive with toys and that means lots of good favorites to share with you guys!

Bright Stars Taggies Blanket – My friend and I found these blankets while browsing Target. Jacob was whiny when we were strolling so I threw it into his stroller and soon after he had a smile on his face and it became one of his favorite toys! One of my favorite things about this toy are the chewable tags. There are four rubbery tags on this blanket that are perfect for teething. However, in true baby fashion, Jacob loves just the regular old tag on the blanket!

Bright Stars Snuggle Teether Giraffe – Jacob and I may have copied our friends with this toy. Jacob’s friend had this toy in her carseat 24/7 when we first met her and she absolutely loved it. Well, I was browsing Target and I couldn’t help myself! I picked one up and now Raphy the Giraffe goes everywhere with us. I think Jacob’s favorite thing about this toy is that it has the crinkly plastic in it. He loves to pull it up to his mouth and give it a hug! Then chew on it, of course!

Motorola Video Baby Monitor – Freddie and I looked at a lot of different monitors when I was pregnant. However, we never found one that we fell in love with. We knew we were going to be bedroom sharing, so we didn’t ultimately see the point of purchasing one. However, once Jacob started a bedtime routine and we were putting him down in his crib alone, I definitely wanted to purchase one. I love how well the camera works. The night vision is wonderful, I love the two-way aspect of communication, I also love that you can play lullabies. Last but not least, I’m a huge fan of the fact that I can pull up the feed on my phone. Freddie loves it too because he can check on Jacob from work! The one thing I’m not happy about with this camera is that it advertises it’s an expandable system – you can add more cameras – but I can’t find them anywhere! I know this is minimal, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind!

Up & Up Diapers – Since Jacob was born he was a Pampers baby. We tried Honest diapers, which were my first choice, and Huggies diapers that were gifted to us and Jacob peed out of both! So we decided to stick with Pampers until I was walking through the aisles of Target (surprise!) and I saw the thirty pack of Up & Up diapers on sale for $4! I decided for that price that we would have to try them. Since then we have not switched back. It also doesn’t hurt that the diapers have adorable polka dot and whale designs on them.

Bright Stars Lots of Links – When we were shopping for Jacob’s Christmas presents, I came across these toy links in Babies R Us and they were so much cheaper than the competitions links, we decided to get them. I absolutely love them! We use them on our stroller, in Jacob’s carseat, on his play gym, and even just as standalone teething toys. They’re really great and for the price, they’re a must-have for toy-loving babies!

Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller – Holt – I have been raving about this stroller since we bought it almost a year ago. The amount of options that this stroller presents you with are absolutely insane! If you want to read more about it, you can check out my review here. However, the main reason this has been my favorite this month is because we have been on so many walks recently and we have been using the “big boy” seat in it and Jacob just loves it. He’s really enjoying facing outwards and checking out his surroundings!

That just about wraps up our favorites for this month. This has been such a big month for us, so many changes with Jacob. It’s been amazing to see him interact more with toys and interact more with people. I think these favorites really reflect that! Please share your favorites with us!

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