Hi guys!

Six months. Half of a year… Really? I say it every month. That went by way too fast! This month Jacob has been so much fun. He’s really getting the hang of playing and is so chatty. We have so many fun favorites to share with you this month, so let’s get to it!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Jumperoo – I’m in a mom group on Facebook for October babies and I saw that a few of the moms had this jumperoo. I immediately knew JacobĀ had to have one. I went searching for a used one and actually scored this one at no cost. I’m so happy that we got it because it’s one of Jacob’s favorite things. He loves all the toys attached to it and his favorite thing to do is to bounce… and bounce and bounce. He has so much fun and I love watching him have so much fun.

Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle – While browsing the aisles for a Valentine’s Day gift for Jacob I came across this rattle. A while back, Jen from Pretty Neat Living talked about a glowing rattle that was one of her favorites. However, I couldn’t find that rattle anywhere. So when I found this one I was ecstatic. Jacob loves chewing on the little eyes and (what I think are) the legs. He’s also so fascinated by the changing colors.

Cookie Monster Plush – I’m going to share a secret with you guys. When I have to get ready, sometimes I put on Sesame Street for Jacob to watch. I swore I wasn’t going to let him watch TV, but as a mom you do what you have to do to brush your teeth and wash your face some days. Well, Jacob fell in love with Cookie Monster. So I decided to pick up this Cookie Monster plush for him and he seems to really like it. He loves chewing on his eyes and legs.

O-Ball – A couple months back I shared that Jacob loves his Oball rattle. Shortly after sharing, I found out they were recalling the product I shared with you guys. We immediately returned it and got an Oball toy without the ball chambers instead. Oddly enough, he loves this toy more than the rattle. So much so that we have two! One for the car/diaper bag and one for the house.

4Moms Breeze Play Yard – Having two playful puppies and a small baby isn’t easy all the time. Thankfully, this play yard has been so helpful. Jacob loves his play mats, especially his Kick and Play Piano play mat. Well, sometimes the dogs got a little too close to the baby for comfort. So I decided to pull out the play yard for him to play in. It’s so easy to open and close and it protects him from being (accidentally) stepped on by a puppy. It also protects from all the puppy kisses!

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat – We just recently decided to upgrade our car seat. Jacob is very long (I’d estimate around 28″) and I just wasn’t comfortable with him being in his infant carrier anymore. His legs were hanging over the edge quite a bit and his head was too close to the top for my comfort.

Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy – I got these originally to secure toys to our favorite shopping cart cover. Shortly after using them there, I realized they would be perfect on our stroller two. Now we have two sets and they work so wonderfully. Jacob has now learned he can chuck his toys across the room or out of his seat, so these have been immensely helpful in avoiding that. My other favorite part about these are the price!

I hope you guys enjoyed scrolling through our mommy and baby favorites this month. This post took a little longer than I would have liked to get out just because of how crazy our life has been recently. Stay tuned for more content coming soon!

Until next time!

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