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Never did I know that a month could fly by so quickly! Especially coming out of the last month of pregnancy, which we all know is a million years long. This past month has been the best month of my whole entire life. Never have I been so sleep deprived, never has my house been so messy, and never have I been more in love. The sleep deprivation, unorganized house, and not being able to shower as much as I’d like is so worth it. After spending a month with our little man, Jacob, I wanted to delve back into some of the products I shared with you that I was excited about. So, lets get to it!


Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Swing – This swing has been a lifesaver. Seriously. As I mentioned in my birth story, I have wound care coming to my house three times a week to pack my c-section incision that reopened. My mom has been a wonderful help coming over to help with baby when they’re here, but there have been times she hasn’t been able to make it and this swing puts little J to sleep with no fussing and screaming! I absolutely love it, especially the music and mobile feature, which he absolutely loves!

Aiden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets – I started obsessing over these as soon as I got pregnant. I loved how soft they are and how cute the patterns are. Well, not only are they cute, they’re really functional as well. With the weather in Virginia being quite unpredictable, 80 degrees one day and 60 degrees the next, I love having the option of a light cover for our little guy. I also love how nicely these blankets hold a swaddle, because the fabric isn’t slippery, I feel like it has some grip which helps with holding baby in a tight swaddle!

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet – We bought this originally because we loved that the bassinet flips into a changing table and now that we have had the chance to use it, we really love it. With my c section recovery, in the beginning it wasn’t easy to move around, so being able to have the changing table and the bassinet right next to me, made things a lot easier. The other feature we love is the storage underneath the bassinet, we keep extra clothes, diapers, breast pads, burp cloths and other frequently used items under the bassinet so I’m not constantly getting up grabbing things that I need!

Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Rock ‘n’ Play – During the day, I love to put Jacob in the Rock ‘n’ Play. It’s a lot easier for me to reach into from the couch, as they’re about the same height, and he really seems to love sleeping on an incline. The vibrate feature also works very well for soothing him when he is upset!

Carter’s Sleep and Play Bodysuits – These things have been a lifesaver. For the first two weeks of his life, these are the only things that little J wore. My favorite ones are the snap up ones so I don’t have to completely undress him in the middle of the night when he needs a diaper change. However, all of them are wonderful, they’re easy to get baby into and out of and they’re nice and warm. I love that I don’t have to worry about keeping socks on and pulling pants off and having to get them back on. They’re just really great for the first few weeks of baby’s life especially!

Boba Baby Wrap – Anytime that J is fussy, this thing is a life changer! He is very attached to his momma and daddy and always wants to be held. Every mom knows you can’t get anything done if you’re always holding a baby, enter the Boba Wrap. I am finally able to get things done and not have to worry about Jacob screaming because he isn’t being held. I love this wrap because it’s comfortable to me, comfortable for baby, and I love that it has a stretchy quality to it!

Zerlar Silicone Breast Pump – I found out about this in a birth group I am in on Facebook and this thing is amazing! It suctions onto your breast and uses that suction to draw out milk. I like to use it on the opposite side I am nursing on to catch any leakage and to eliminate engorgement pressure. I have an oversupply and I am really not wanting to up my supply at all, which pumping can do, so I like to use this to relieve just a little bit of the pressure without creating more of an oversupply!

Boppy Plush Blanket – I got this as a shower gift and I thought it was so gorgeous, I immediately got the idea to use it as a backdrop for Jacob’s weekly photos! I also love how soft it is and it’s worked wonderfully on really cold days as a car seat cover. I’m definitely considering picking up a second one because J loves the texture of the blanket and I think it might be a favorite of his when he gets older!

Paper Baby Age/Milestone Blocks – These are another gift from my baby shower and they are so gorgeous. I absolutely love using them for Jacob’s weekly photos. They work really well as a photo prop or just decoration if you prefer the belly stickers for milestone photos! I also used them to count down to my due date.

I hope you guys enjoyed these favorites and stay tuned for mostly updates of my favorite things for my little man as he grows! Don’t forget to check out his monthly updates as well!

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