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As you may have seen from my Instagram, I am a complete and total planner nerd. I love planning, it is so important to me to stay organized because as of late I have had my hand in so many different projects. For about 4 months I worked full time (55 hour weeks) at a restaurant. I had worked at this restaurant for two years prior as a server and training coordinator. As everyone knows, there is very high turnover in restaurants, so I was always busy with getting people through orientation and making their training schedule, following up with them, etc. Along with working in the restaurant I have been taking classes for a business administration degree. Being that my schedule was very unpredictable, I am taking all my classes online, which I love because it gives me so much freedom!

So, how do I stay organized? My Erin Condren Life Planner. This planner has just been so great for me. My favorite part about it is the three separate boxes. I have the new 2015 edition, so I am able to change up the uses for my boxes, they aren’t dead set in morning, afternoon, and night. What is really great to me is just how flexible it is!

Currently I just use two planners, both of which are Erin Condrens. One is the rose gold vertical planner, the other is just a standard ready to ship vertical planner. However, I did uncoil my ready to ship and I put it in a pink Kikki K, which I loved… for a little while. I use my regular coil bound Erin Condren for my day to day planning and I am still trying to decide on a more permanent use for my Erin Condren inside my Kikki K, which I will refer to as my Kikki Condren, thanks to LisaMarie Landreth over at Paper&Glam. Right now I am using it to meal plan, however, I do have the little Erin Condren Wellness planner, which I have only used for one week. What do you guys use multiple planners for? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to have a better set use for my Kikki Condren.

I am an avid decorator in my planner as well, this is completely new to me, however, because I was never aware of it. Thank God I found the planner community when I did. I started decorating in July of 2015. I had always loved scrapbooking and crafting and using SmashBooks. I love to be creative, so I was so happy to find that you can be creative and plan at the same time. A marriage of my two favorite things. I have gotten more into decorating recently and I really do enjoy it. It makes me want to get in my planner and get things done more.








So, how do you use your planner? Are you a decorator or are you strictly a functional planner? What’s your favorite kind of planner? Do you want to see more planner posts? Follow us on Instagram @twodapperdogs!

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