Meal planning has become a big deal in my house, it allows us to budget for groceries and it cuts down on my boyfriend and I eating out, which has been a huge expense for us in the past. My favorite tool to use in meal planning is Pinterest, it is so easy to find so many different recipes, from slow cooker recipes to fried chicken to vegan recipes.


My favorite way to meal plan is to give each day a theme! This is our breakdown:

Monday – Meatful Monday – My boyfriend and I are wrestling fans and RAW is on Monday nights, so, we celebrate

Tuesday – Taco Mexican Tuesdays – We used to do strictly tacos, we have now switched over to mexican dishes!

Wednesday – Vegetarian day – I have always wanted to try to go vegetarian, so we decided to try it for one day a week!

Thursday – Leftovers/Themed Thursday – This day fluctuates depending on our needs, if we have a fridge overflowing with leftovers, they’re eaten this day. Otherwise, we try to pick a theme to follow, we have done an american theme, burgers, beer and fries. We have done an Italian theme, spaghetti and meatballs with an Italian red wine. It’s definitely a lot of fun!

Friday – Pizza – My boyfriend and I love pizza… Enough said.

Saturday – Slow Cooker Saturday – We settle on a recipe that relies fully on utilizing our slow cooker. So far we have done broccoli cheddar soup, mac and cheese, lasagna, and so many more. It’s definitely an easy way to put together a meal.

Sunday – Leftovers – Again, we have a day for leftovers. Normally at this point we have quite a few so we work on getting rid of them and this is also our grocery shopping day. If we have absolutely nothing to eat, we will get something from the grocery store.

Now, let me say, I’m not a huge cook. I grew up with a German mother and grandmother, both of whom were amazing cooks and looking back, I should have definitely spent some more time in the kitchen learning from them. You live and you learn, right? So, I have done what I can to find recipes that are easy to make because I understand the basics. Let me tell you, I am definitely enjoying myself more than I thought that I would. I always have hated  cooking. I always put it off, I decided to eat out instead and I have learned that it is so gratifying to cook a meal that is delicious and beautiful and one that your family enjoys! How do you guys meal plan? Do you have suggestions for me or great recipes you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.