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Freddie and I spent hours in the stroller and car seat aisle scoping out what travel system we wanted to buy. First we fell in love with a travel system by GB, then we really liked a travel system by Chicco. After seeing everything that these companies had to offer, we ultimately decided to go with the Graco Modes stroller in Holt and the matching Graco Snugride 35 LX carseat.


We bought this travel system before we found out if we were having a boy or a girl and it was really important for us to buy something gender neutral. Freddie and I plan on continuing to expand our family if that is in God’s plan and we wanted something nice that we could use along multiple children.


So, why did we decide on this pair? The first reason I gravitated toward the carseat is because it is an LX (“luxury”) model, this particular seat is much lighter than other seats and the fabric they used to make it is very soft. It’s much more plush than your standard carseat and Freddie and I love to go on adventures, so we wanted something baby would be very comfortable in. The second reason we decided on this set is because of the flexibility of the stroller. The stroller allows you to snap in just the car seat, it also allows you to snap the carseat into the bigger seat that comes with it. You can also face the car seat toward you, outwards, toward you in the larger seat, outwards in the larger seat, and then the larger seat snaps in toward you or facing outwards. Along with that, the larger seat reclines into a pram-like position, which is great for infants, as it allows them to lay back and relax. The stroller is so flexible, which was a huge selling feature for us. The third reason we decided on this stroller is because it’s fairly lightweight. Little J is the first grand baby on my side and my mom has a bad back, so we wanted to choose something that would be easy for her to get in and out of the car if she were watching him. This stroller definitely fits that bill. With the standard stroller seat in it, the stroller only weighs about 25lbs. With Jacob being so little, we don’t have the standard seat on the stroller all the time, we just carry around the frame, to snap the seat in. I would say that without the seat, the stroller is only about 20lbs, which is great for us and manageable for my mom! The fourth and final reason we decided upon this stroller was because of how easily it folds, how small it folds up, and the fact that it can stand on it’s own when folded. All you have to do to fold it is pull a trigger with your thumb and then pull in a button with your hand and push the handle down. The stroller then latches and is free-standing, which isn’t a very popular feature, surprisingly. I love it because you can do it one-handed and it is super simple!


Now that we have been using this duo for a month, I have to say that I really love it. I am so ecstatic that we decided on this stroller and car seat combo because it really does work so well for us. Recovering from a c-section, I haven’t been able to drive, especially after my incision opening. I also am not able to lift the car seat or the stroller. Thankfully, I live very close to my mom and she has been able to help me out with errands and the car seat and stroller are nice and light for her to lift. The stroller works really well on walks and for errands, it is easy to steer and the ride seems fairly smooth for little J. Another feature I didn’t think a lot about but really love is how big the basket under the stroller is. I have a fairly large diaper bag and it fits nicely under his seat with room to spare!

Overall, I would highly recommend this stroller and car seat combo to anyone looking for a travel system that is versatile and lightweight, and gender neutral. I hope you guys enjoyed this product review, let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more posts like this! Don’t forget to subscribe to get Two Dapper Dogs emails straight to your inbox.

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*Please note: in the photo where J is wearing a sweatshirt, we were just on a walk, which is why the chest clip isn’t placed properly.*

**I have not been compensated in any way for my opinions on this Graco travel system. All opinions in this post are my own!**