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I wanted to share with you guys a cleaning system that I found that I think is just going to work wonders for me! I stumbled upon the Clean Mama blog when I first started planning around this time last year. I really love all of the resources she has on her blog but I wasn’t 100% sold on her cleaning ‘program’. She has days where she completes certain tasks, and for me it just wasn’t structured enough. So, for a while I was following my own cleaning routine, which you can see here. However, when I found out I was pregnant I fell off the cleaning routine wagon and just about any other wagon I was riding. I was so exhausted in the beginning that I didn’t get anything done on a daily basis besides my homework. Well, this week I came across this great resource in FlyLady.

The FlyLady cleaning schedule is unlike anything that I have ever encountered before, it isn’t just for cleaning, it really is a life schedule and that is exactly what I needed. Being that I do not work in the normal sense of the word, I was really looking for a program that I can structure my life around and although I’ve only started off with the “baby steps”, I feel as though this is the program for me!

FlyLady has commandments for you to follow as well as daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly missions, and even tasks for kids. The amount of resources that she has on her website alone is unbelievable. There is an abundance of information on her website that I don’t think you can find anywhere else.

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The first step that the FlyLady recommends is to follow her “FLYing Lessons” which can be found here. These first steps can be slightly overwhelming. However, as FlyLady says, “Your house didn’t get dirty in a day, it isn’t going to get clean in a day.” I am currently working on my baby steps now, these steps are just little tasks for you to accomplish each day that allow you to get into the routine of keeping your house clean. Along with starting my baby steps, I have also followed another one of her recommendations, which is to come up with a morning routine and to follow it. I am known to wake up and lay in bed for a half hour scrolling through my e-mail, then Facebook, then instagram. It’s always been my way of waking up, not anymore. Waking up this way caused me to spend more time in bed than I need to, take a much longer time waking up, and then you look at the clock and you’ve been in bed for two hours! I was sick of letting myself waste my time away. By creating a morning routine, you’re better able to manage your time and you feel more motivated throughout the day. I’m still working on a few things, like waking up earlier and going to bed earlier, but I’m getting better and better each day!

Another great step that the FlyLady gives you is to create a control journal. This journal is a place where she recommends you keep all of your cleaning resources. This is where you should paste a copy of your morning routine, bedtime routine, weekly tasks, daily tasks, and where you should keep track of the tasks that you have completed. The FlyLady isn’t just a cleaning resource in my opinion, rather, to me she seems almost like a life coach who is just wanting to teach her ‘FlyBabies’ a better way of living that allows you to respect yourself and your house more.

Like I said, I have just gotten started in this program, but so far I really love the advice that she gives her followers and all of the resources that she has within her website. If you are looking for a way to structure your day of cleaning or just a way to structure your life a little better, I would recommend checking out the FlyLady’s website. I have really enjoyed everything that I have read so far and I am eager to learn more.

Do any of you guys follow a cleaning schedule? Have you tried the FlyLady’s routine before? If so, did you like it? Did it work for you? Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!



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