Hi everyone!

Wow, it has been forever since I have done a monthly favorites post. With the new baby here and getting into the groove with that, I just haven’t had the time to get my stuff together! Please forgive me because my favorites may be a little skimpy this month!



Clinique 3 Step Kit for Oily Skin – I haven’t ever set a skin care routine for myself, it was something I always wanted to look into but I always got so overwhelmed with all the options. In August when I did my Ulta Haul, I did a little bit of research and settled on this kit. I have been using it since August and I really love it. It makes my skin feel really soft, clear, and clean. It only takes five minutes and it’s so nice to feel refreshed when you have been spit up on and don’t always have the time to jump in the shower!

e.l.f. Cosmetics Mineral Infused Face Primer – Neutralizing Green – I got this from my Ulta Haul as well and it is so amazing. I have always hated that my face has a very obvious redness to it. So, I saw this product online and I wanted to give it a try and it really does make a difference. I love that it cuts down on the redness in my cheeks and chin and it makes me feel more confident. I would definitely recommend this if you have the same problem!


“J” Initial Necklace – Ever since I found out I was having a boy and we figured out the name, I have been on the hunt for an initial necklace to wear. I searched high and low for an initial necklace that I liked. Then I ran across these at Target and of course, they had no ‘J’s’ in stock. I kept checking back and thank goodness, I found one! I love it as a piece of everyday jewelry and I just love having a little piece of him with me!

Gilligan and O’Malley Total Comfort Pajama Set – Please forgive that my sense of “fashion” is a little skewed these days. With my c-section recovery and all that went along with that, I pretty much have lived in pajamas for the past month as I wasn’t able to do much. These pajamas are so comfortable. Here in Virginia, it’s pretty warm through October so these pajamas were perfect and the button down top works amazingly for breastfeeding!

Dearfoams Women’s Knit Clog Slippers – I shared a pair of my favorite slippers in a previous post and I brought those to the hospital with me when I gave birth, so they had to be thrown away. To replace them, I got these and they are so comfortable! They’re nice and thick with a hard-sole and I absolutely love the knit pattern.


Mesh Laundry Bags – I know this is so silly, but these things have made my life so much better. I LOVE using these for baby things, especially socks and they’re really great for bras and our socks as well. I love that it keeps all the socks in one place, because with a dog that loves chewing, if it is on the floor, it’s getting eaten!

Shark Rotator Professional – My amazing mother got this for us as a welcome baby gift and I am so in love. When Freddie and I moved in together, we got a Samsung vacuum cleaner and it has been a complete piece of garbage for the whole two years we have had it. When we got home from the hospital, my house needed a desperate clean and my lovely mother gifted this to us. I am so happy with it, it works so well on our hardwood floors and it sucks up the lou-ble-weeds (tumbleweeds of Luigi’s fur) so so well! We were saving up to buy a Dyson vacuum, but I would say this one probably works just as well, maybe better.


Fitbit App – iTunes|Android – Right after having Jacob, I immediately wanted to get on the train of losing weight. If you guys remember, one of my big goals for 2016 was to lose weight and losing weight and being pregnant don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. So, I decided to be as healthy as I could throughout pregnancy and that when I gave birth, I would put 110% into accomplishing my goal. Well, I got the Fitbit Surge in 2015 when it came out and I immediately wanted to plug that in and get going. I have been using it for the last few weeks and I am so happy with it. It’s nice to see where I am meeting my goals and where I am lacking. I’m not too hard on myself yet, because I still do have to take it easy from the c-section, but I am slowly working toward my goals! If you want to add me on fitbit, click here!

Parks and Recreation – I saw this show for the first time not too long ago and I thought it was so funny. I’m not typically a fan of shows like these, but this one gets me laughing every single time. I have been recording reruns and they’re really great to watch when I am up feeding the baby or to have as background noise while writing new blog posts. I really have enjoyed watching it this month!

Okay guys, I think that is it. I know that my favorites aren’t quite as in-depth as they have been in months past, but right now just about everything in my life revolves around baby so I just haven’t had the time I normally do to focus on the house and myself. However, with baby comes new favorites, so keep your eyes open for a one month old momma favorites coming soon!

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