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Is it September already?! I can’t even believe it! I’ve been so busy with getting the house ready for baby this month just flew by! I’m so excited to share my favorites with you guys this month!

Monthly Favorites August


Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette – This build your own palette feature that Urban Decay came out with a few years ago is the best. I love to use it when I’m traveling. It’s nice and small and allows me to bring just the shades of shadow that I need! I have this smaller version and a larger version that comes with a brush (which I couldn’t find to link), I love both. They’re so easy to use, the shadows snap in and out very easily… It’s just great!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Midnight Rodeo and Blunt – These are my two favorite shadows to use if I’m just looking to put on a simple face of makeup. I use both as all-over lid colors and the colors both work so well for that purpose. They’re just like all the other Urban Decay eyeshadows I have owned, easy to put on, easy to blend, and soft on the skin. Urban Decay eyeshadows are my favorite by far, I currently don’t own any eyeshadow besides Urban Decay eyeshadows!

Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron – 3/4 inch – I don’t curl my hair often because I have really really thick hair and it just takes forever. When I do curl my hair though, this is my absolute favorite curling iron to use. It’s a little bit of a splurge item, but it does such great job without having to be at a super high temperature. I also love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling damaged, it just leaves nice, soft curls.

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes – I have been using these brushes for about a year and actually just bought a new large powder brush from them. They work really, really well and mine have not shed at all, which is one of my biggest pet peeves in brushes. The only downside to these brushes is that they have white tops, which means that the face brushes sometimes hold color, even after they have been washed. Otherwise, they clean really well and they hold up great.


Pink Blush Maternity Pink Floral Draped Maxi Dress – I bought this dress for my baby shower and after it came in the mail, I truly fell in love! The material is lightweight, the pattern is just gorgeous, and I love that it can be worn as a nursing dress for after baby is born. The quality of the dress is great, I will definitely order from them again if I am blessed with another child!

Sperry Top-Sider Songfish Boat Shoe – I had these shoes once before and I loved them, they were all broken in and super comfortable and then Luigi took a bite out of one of them. He decided they were super tasty and continued to eat the tongue completely out of one of the shoes. So, Freddie treated me to a new pair on my birthday and I love them just as much as I loved the other pair, I just wish they were easier to break in!


Signature Soy Candles – I bought these candles before from Target about a year ago and I loved them. I got them during the fall and they made our apartment smell so nice. I have always been a fan of Yankee Candle, but they are just so expensive. These candles aren’t cheap by any means, but they’re a bit more affordable! I love that they burn for such a long time and they really give off a great scent, which I love. I picked one up at the beginning of the month and then again about a week ago and I look forward to continuing to buy more.

Threshold 2 Cube Organizer – I bought one of these for the baby’s room in white to use as a side table next to my rocking chair. I loved how it looked so much that we ended up getting two more to use as our nightstands. For our bedroom, we got them in the grey color. What I absolutely love about these shelves is how versatile they are! I love that you can add additional shelves and options to your cube organizer. I also love that they provide storage. I’ve said before that our house doesn’t have a ton of storage (we only have two closets), so just getting even a little bit of space to put small things away is so so helpful! It’s also great to finally have nightstands!

Every Cork Tells A Story Cork Holder – I linked a cork holder similar to the one I found at the store At Home as I couldn’t find the exact one that I bought. I absolutely love this cork holder, Freddie and I both love to drink wine and we always celebrated any occasion by opening a bottle of wine. Not only did I think the saying was perfect for us, I just thought it would look nice to put our special corks on display. I am also super excited to be able to drink wine again after my little guy comes!

Threshold Pierced Candle Holder – I saw these at Target a couple of months ago when we were shopping around and I fell in love with them. However, I had absolutely no use for them. We already have a centerpiece for our kitchen table and I had something that sits in the tray on our coffee table. So, there was really no room for them. Well, when we got nightstands, I thought these would look gorgeous sitting on them, as we have gold accents in our room. When I went back to go get them, they just so happened to be on clearance! So, I decided to spring for them and I just love how they look.


Law & Order SVU – Guys. I have been watching re-runs of Law & Order SVU this whole month. I have our DVR set to record all of the re-runs that come on USA and I am not sick of this show. I have watched hours and hours of this show while writing blog posts and before falling asleep at night and I am obsessed. I couldn’t tell you why, I just am! It’s definitely been a favorite of mine this month.

After Ship Package Tracker iPhone App – I have done an unusual amount of online shopping this month (I think it has to do with getting larger and larger) so I have loved having all of my packages tracked in one place. I love this app, it updates quickly and sends you notifications anytime your package makes a major move. I also love that if you copy the tracking number and then open the app, it will prompt you to add the tracking onto the app. The app is just so smart and I love that it allows me to keep everything in one place.

Polaroid Zip Printer – This was another one of my birthday presents and I was so surprised that Freddie got it for me. I found this within the planner community and I just thought that it was the coolest thing. I’ve been talking about it non-stop since I found out about it and Freddie went to great lengths to keep this present a surprise and it was just so sweet of him to get it for me. If you’d like to see how it works, you can check out my Instagram video of it here. It works really well and the print quality is amazing. My absolute favorite thing about the printer is that the photo paper is actually a sticker and if you print two photos on one sheet, the halves fit perfectly into the boxes of the Erin Condren Life Planner (vertical). The photos also fit very well in the hourly layout!

Phew! I think that is it for my favorites this month, guys. Have you tried any of these products? If you have, what did you think of them? Were they favorites of yours as well? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to the Two Dapper Dogs blog below so that you never miss a post!

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