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When I was growing up, my family wasn’t really a church-going family. We went when I was younger and I went to Sunday school here and there, but I mostly only went for Christmas. I knew about God and I believed in Him, but I didn’t really know much about the Jesus and the stories found in the bible. Then, I started to date Freddie, someone who grew up in his church and went to a Christian school. How we grew up, we were polar opposites. As I got older, I knew that I wanted a closer relationship with God, I wanted to know more about Jesus and learn the stories of the Bible. Luckily, I am surrounded by support, whether it be in my family or by Freddie. He was very interested in taking me to get my very first Bible and he was very interested in trying to explain the stories of the bible to me in a way that I would be able to better understand them.



So, I went to LifeWay Christian Stores and I bought my first Bible, an ESV single column journaling Bible. I was thoroughly interested in starting to journal in my Bible, however, I have no artistic ability when it comes to lettering and drawing! So, I used my margins to mark my daily verses instead. I got a rubber date stamp by Heidi Swapp from Hobby Lobby and every day I use that stamp to mark the verse of the day according to my Daily Bible Inspirations iPhone app. Then from there, Freddie and I like to read the verses around the verse of the day to better understand what the app provided us with. The only problem with this method of doing things was sometimes Freddie and I just didn’t know what we were reading. He couldn’t remember what the verse referred back to. So, we made another trip to LifeWay and I got myself an ESV Study Bible, which I absolutely love. I typically use this Bible to write notes in and if I verse really strikes me, I will mark it. Well, that’s what this post is all about.


I had seen from several Instagram profiles that I follow that people marked their favorite verses with washi tape! While, being a planner addict, I do have a few more washi tape rolls than I need, I wanted to do something different. I really loved how all of the ladies who Bible journal marked all of their entries with tabs, so I decided to do something similar. I went to Hobby Lobby and I found this wonderful (TAB Punch and the plastic covers that go over the tabs. I fell in love and this is how I have been marking my favorite verses ever since. On each tab, I write something that pertains to the verse, for example, I have the Lord’s prayer marked. I also have some that are marked that have helped me get through certain situations.


I also love to make notes in the margins of my Bible. It really helps me to understand what kind of a place my mind was in when I go back and read over that verse again. I like to do this because sometimes you go back to a verse and you feel a completely different way about it. The verses of the Bible hit us in different ways at different times and I just think that is so amazing and that’s just a huge part of God’s love.


Lastly, every day I try to write a little blurb about the Bible verse that I read that day. I summarize the verse then I pray on the verse. The notebooks that I use are from LifeWay and they’re a part of the Open Your Bible line.

So, how do you dig into your religion better? How do you mark your favorite verses, keep track of your prayers, and summarize your bible verses? What app do you use to get your daily bible verses or do you use a daily devotional? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates and to see more of how I organize my bible.




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