Hi everyone!

I did a little crafting project last week that I would love to share with you! I call them scrapbook letters! I created these while doing a some nesting in our little guy’s room. I had some letters sitting around that we were going to paint and hang  in the nursery. However, my mom bought us letters and we decided to use those instead! So, I decided to decorate these somewhat differently and I hung his first initial on his bedroom door!

diy letters supplies

Supplies you need:

  •  Crafting glue – I used Mod Podge Glossy finish
  • Scrapbook Paper – I used Project Life cards!
  • Brush
  • Letter
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Razor blade
  • Cutting board – or other surface to cut on
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • hook to hang letter (optional) – I used the Command brand hooks

Step 1: Get all of your supplies together. This is a super easy project, but you want everything that you need near you so that you don’t have to get up with gluey fingers!

diy letters project life cards

Step 2: Pick out your scrapbook paper and color scheme. I chose blues because Baby P’s room is blue and the accents are purple and green, I wanted to carry that color scheme to the letter on his door as well!

diy letters strips

Step 3: Cut project life cards or scrapbook paper into strips. I just used scissors and cut diagonally. My strips aren’t cut into perfect lines, but I actually liked it better that way. If you’re looking to cut perfect strips, I would use a paper cutter!

diy letters mod podge

Step 4: Get out your Mod Podge or other glue. I decided to use Mod Podge because it gives you a nice, glossy finish when you use it to finish off the letter.


Step 5: Start placing your glued strips down onto the letter. I placed mine in a diagonal pattern, however, you can place yours vertically, horizontally, or you could get really fancy and try to weave the strips!

Step 6: Continue to place the strips until there is no more blank space or until you have the letter to your liking!

Step 7: Let your glue or Mod Podge dry until it feels dry to the touch.

DIY Letters cut

Step 8: Grab your cutting board and razor blade. Flip your letter strips side down onto the cutting board and use the razor blade to cut off the excess strips. You can try this with scissors if you’d feel more comfortable doing that, however, I had better luck using the razor blade!

diy letter j

Step 9: Continue cutting  the strips until there is no more excess hanging over the edge of the letter or until the letter is to your liking.

Step 10: (optional) Use your Mod Podge or glue and paint over the strips to give them some extra reinforcement and a glossy finish! Don’t forget to use the Mod Podge or glue around the edges of the letter so you don’t have to worry about the scrapbook paper peeling up on the edges.

Step 11: (optional) Let the Mod Podge dry until it feels dry to the touch.

Step 12: (optional) Pick out ribbon that you would like to use to hang your letter. I used some white ribbon with blue baby footprints. Cut two pieces of Ribbon to the length you would like the letter to hang.

Diy letters finished J

Step 13: (optional) Hot glue one end of each piece of ribbon to the back of the letter then tie the loose ends into a pretty bow!

Step 14: (optional) Grab your command hook and hang it on the door! Your beautiful DIY scrapbook letter is finished!

Diy letters hanging j

pro tip: The last thing you want after getting baby to sleep is for your beautiful scrapbook letter to clang up against the door and wake up your little one. To solve this problem, I put a command strip on my scrapbook letter, so it is completely adhered to the door! You can also use the command picture hanging strips to adhere the letter to the door if you don’t like the look of the ribbon and hook.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you make a scrapbook letter, please don’t forget share pictures with us, we would love to see them. You can send them to me in the comments below or tag your photo #tddscrapbookletter and I will check them out that way!

Happy crafting!

Love Mariah NEW NEW