Updated Cleaning Schedule|Organization graphic

Updated Cleaning Schedule|Organization

Hi everyone! Last year around this time, I talked about the cleaning system I was using, the FlyLady cleaning system. I wanted to write an update about my cleaning system because it has very much evolved. I wouldn’t call what I am following now the FlyLady system; rather the get-done-what-you-can-while-Jacob-is-napping-system. When Jacob was first born, […]

Daily Responsibilites|FlyLady Cleaning graphic

Daily Responsibilites|FlyLady Cleaning

Hi everyone! I have talked to you guys previously about my experience with the FlyLady cleaning system, I wanted to take some time and update you guys with my daily cleaning schedule. The FlyLady suggests that you make routines for yourself, as they’re easier to stick to. Per her recommendations, I made both a morning routine […]

FlyLady Cleaning System graphic

FlyLady Cleaning System

Hi everyone, I know I’m a bit out of order on my posting schedule today, make sure you look out for another post revolving around faithful Friday a little bit later today! I wanted to share with you guys a cleaning system that I found that I think is just going to work wonders for […]

Two Dapper Dogs Headquarters graphic

Two Dapper Dogs Headquarters

Hello everyone! I am so ready to move into our new house. I know that it is no secret that Freddie and I are itching to move! On top of that, the house of our dreams is almost finished. So, I want to give you guys a peek into what we want to do with […]

Weekly Cleaning Chart graphic

Weekly Cleaning Chart

Hello Everyone! I don’t know if I’m the only one… But I am never motivated to clean. So, how did I resolve that problem? I made a weekly cleaning chart. For each day I gave myself two to three tasks. I took the days that I usually work into account, making those tasks easier. I also […]