Keeping it Real|Weekly Update graphic

Keeping it Real|Weekly Update

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while on the pregnancy update front, and I apologize deeply. I wanted to write a post to you guys that really explains my lack of posting and how I have been feeling in the past weeks. My goal is to always be up front and honest with […]

Nineteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Nineteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! What an exciting week! A lot of this week was spent wondering what Baby P could possibly be. It was so exciting to sit down and go over the names we have chosen. We talked about what sports we might want the baby to play and the theme of the nursery. It has […]

Eighteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Eighteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts the past two weeks and the lack of coming posts over the next couple of weeks. Right now I am working on writing a few and scheduling them, however, they likely won’t be following the posting schedule I have put out. Packing […]

Seventeen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Seventeen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hi everyone! This week was pretty slow, I wasn’t feeling too well in the beginning of the week. I felt dizzy here and there, slightly nauseated, and extremely tired. So, I spent a lot of the week relaxing and taking my time getting cleaning done. We were quite productive at the new house though, which […]

Sixteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Sixteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! We had another doctor’s appointment this week and we got to hear our little one’s heartbeat again. I must say that hearing that heartbeat never gets old. The nurse estimated it to be in the 160’s, which goes along pretty well with what we have been told with our other two ultrasounds! The […]

Fifteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Fifteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is my fifteenth week of pregnancy already! This week has been a lot easier than the rest, I know I have said that the past few weeks, but I just am feeling better and better on a weekly basis. It’s so great that things are getting easier. My only […]

Fourteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Fourteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone and welcome to the second trimester! The start of this week began my second trimester of pregnancy and let me tell you, I am so relieved. I have shared with you guys previously that one of my biggest fears throughout the pregnancy thus far is that I was going to lose the baby […]

Thirteen Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Thirteen Weeks|Bumpdate

Welcome back, everyone and welcome to the 13th week! This week was the easiest week of pregnancy thus far, I’d say! Thank God for that because I am just wanting to get back into my normal groove! I know last week I talked about getting some of my energy back and how incredibly thankful I’ve […]

Twelve Weeks|Bumpdate graphic

Twelve Weeks|Bumpdate

Hello everyone! First off, I want to say I know it has been a while and for that, I must apologize. Pregnancy has been the hardest secret I have ever had to keep. Therefore, weekly updates have been very hard to write. The reason for this is because I couldn’t really talk about what I […]