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We have been shopping a lot to get all of our stuff ready for our little one, with shopping I have found some products I really love and wanted to share with you! We are still waiting for our little guy to get here, so we haven’t used them yet, but these are some of my favorites pre-baby that I am hoping will turn into some of my mommy favorites.

Baby Favorites Seven Months


Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets – I don’t know why I am so obsessed with these blankets, but I am absolutely loving them. They’re so soft, light, and cute. I think these blankets will be perfect for virtually anything, swaddling baby on a warm day, covering the car seat or stroller, and even later on as a light cover for him. September is such a weird time in Virginia, it can be super hot or fairly cold, so I am so excited for these blankets, I think they’re going to be perfect for us.

Carter’s Cotton Sleep and Play bodysuits – First off, I am in love with Carter’s baby clothing. Their sales are amazing and their clothes are great quality without being too expensive. However, these sleep and play bodysuits are just too darn cute. My absolute favorite ones are the ones with the appliqués on the butt. I just can’t handle the cuteness!! In addition, I love that there is a zip up option as well as a snap up option.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe – I have heard such great things about these swaddle sacks. I’ve heard they make things a lot easier and I am so looking forward to a little bit of ease when baby first gets here! In addition to being easy to use, they offer two different styles, one that velcroes around the baby, and wraps them like a more traditional swaddle and the other just zips up the center, called the SwaddleMe Pod. They’re light-weight fabric and seem like they’ll be able to keep baby warm without overheating him.

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet – Dapper Dad and I went back and forth over getting a bassinet or having baby go directly to his crib. Ultimately, we decided to get the bassinet, as we were more comfortable with having baby in our room for at least the first few weeks! We decided on this bassinet because it has mesh sides, which was important to us, just in case if baby rolls. We also liked this because it has wheels, a little bit of storage underneath of it, and because the bassinet flips over into a changing table, which was really important to Freddie. We loved the fact that it was on wheels most of all, so I can roll the bassinet into the living room if I’d like to have him close to me, or even into the office. In addition to the bassinet flipping into the changing table, it also has a vibrating feature, which I have heard is very helpful in getting baby to sleep!

4moms Breeze Play Yard – Oh. My. Gosh. This thing. I remember when I was little and we went on vacations, my mom always had such a hard time getting the pack-and-play set up. It’s always a pain in the rear. Not this one. One push down into the middle of the play yard and it is set up and ready to go, simple as can be. When you’re done, just grab the handle in the middle and pull up, all packed up and ready to go. Seriously, this thing is amazing, I can’t even put into words how great it is! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it has a bassinet attachment for when baby is younger. The attachment clips onto the bassinet in multiple places and has mesh sides and a fairly thick mattress for baby to lay on.

Cloud B Plush Sheep – This was actually one of our first purchases for baby, I have been obsessed with anything with lambs/sheep on it for baby. Dapper Dad thinks that the lamb looks like a rabbit though, so he has been affectionately named “Lambit”. I have slept with Lambit every night since buying him and even though he is looking a little rough right now, I’m hoping to hand him over to baby when he is ready for him. We also got a larger version of the plush which we named Gambit (giant Lambit) because it was on clearance. So, Baby Patterson has two options to choose from!

Taggies Tag n’ Play Puppy Plush – This was another one of our first purchases. Unfortunately, this particular iteration of the plush has been discontinued, however, we love it. It has a little rattle in it that I think baby will love. We got the puppy plush to give baby a puppy of his own to pet, hopefully we can get him to practice on his puppy before pulling the real puppies’ hair! We will see how that goes!

Gymboree Zoo Pals Collection – We bought the bodysuit out of this collection first (linked) and I fell in love. The fabric quality of Gymboree clothes is just absolutely amazing. I want this bodysuit in every single size for the first year of our little one’s life… Seriously. It started with the onesie and we ended up buying the burp cloth set and the lovey as well. We are definitely going to go back and buy another lovey (I have learned you always need more than one). Gymboree has quickly become one of my favorite stores because of the incredibly quality of the fabric. I will definitely be buying more from this store!

I think that just about wraps up my favorite things for baby we have gotten thus far. Like I said before, I haven’t tested any of these products on a real baby, as ours is still cooking, but these are the products that I am most excited about for when baby gets here. So, what were some of your favorite products that you bought for baby? Why were they your favorites? Did they remain your favorites after baby made their appearance? Don’t forget to share your favorites below and follow us on Instagram for more frequent updates!

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