Hello, and welcome to Delightfully Dapper!

My name is Mariah and I am 24 years old. I live in central Virginia with my best friend and husband, Freddie, two puppies Mario and Luigi, and our  son Jacob. The idea to start a blog came about after multiple long conversations about what I wanted to do. Freddie and I had both spent three years working in a restaurant serving, bartending, and managing. After long talks and a lot of planning, Freddie and I both decided to change our career paths.


Soon after, in the winter of 2015, Two Dapper Dogs was born. I created Two Dapper Dogs with the intention of sharing my life and the things I love most with you; starting with the two dogs that started it all. With the addition of Jacob to our family, I soon realized the name that I loved so much didn’t exactly fit our life anymore.

In January of 2017, I decided to change the name to Delightfully Dapper. I really feel like Delightfully Dapper is a more accurate representation of my current life. I’m a girl in a house full of boys. I am surrounded by a sea of car toys and talk, wrestling, football, and bowties and I wouldn’t change it for the world. These dapper boys make my life beyond delightful.


Being a mom has completely changed my life and it has really opened my eyes. There are so many stigmas out there revolving around motherhood and the expectations of motherhood. In reality, motherhood looks different for everyone; just as life does. My intention starting this blog is to be as real and authentic with you as possible. I’m not just going to share the pretty parts of life with you; let’s be honest, life can be really ugly sometimes.

I hope that you will enjoy my sharing these moments and instances with you. I also hope that I have created a space that you will enjoy coming to and love following.

If you ever need someone to talk to or have questions, reach out to me by emailing me: mariah@delightfullydapper.com. You can also reach out to me through any social media!