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When Freddie and I first moved in together, one of the first things that we did was pull out a big wall calendar and filled in our work schedules for that week, along with bills due, and other events we wanted to go to. With every house we have lived in, we have had a “command center” of sorts. When we moved to the apartment from his townhouse, I was really excited with the prospect of having a larger space to expand our command center. Unfortunately, the space I was planning to use wasn’t what we had expected it to be (we only saw the floor plan on paper before moving in), so we opted for a big wall calendar again.

Fast forward to this house, I have my perfect command center, and I wanted to share with you guys how I organize it! First, I want to start with the countertop, we share our command center with our coffee station. I chose to do this because the first thing Freddie and I do every single morning is make a cup of coffee. On the countertop, I keep my Erin Condren Life Planner in the vertical layout that we use for family planning (if you want $10 off your first order, you can use my referral code!). I keep my planner open to the weekly view, we organize the planner by using one box for each of us, one box for myself, one for Freddie and we will use one for the baby when he comes.


Next, I want to get into the cabinet that we use for the command center. On the inside of the cabinet door, I keep important information like doctor’s phone numbers, a business card for the Toyota dealership my car goes to, and our vision and dental insurance cards. I keep this stuff here because I don’t have a better place to put it, honestly. I know that if I tape something up there, that it is safe and I know where it is. Otherwise, a small business card or insurance card could get lost in the shuffle!


The first shelf of the cabinet is where I keep all of our mail, receipts for the week, and notepads. On the far left, I have the Poppin White Fin File Sorter; in the sorter, I keep a multitude of different things. In the far left slot, I keep to go menus from our favorite restaurants. In the middle, I keep important paperwork such as the perpetual calendar that we keep family birthdays in, our voter registration cards, and any pertinent health insurance information. In the far right slot, I keep bills that need to be paid, every Thursday I sort through that section and write in what bills will be paid and when. Once the bill gets paid, I will throw away the paper copy of the bill. In the middle of the shelf, I neatly put any important mail we got during the week and all of the receipts for the week. Again, on Thursday, this all gets sorted and put in it’s correct place; the bills will go to the bill slot, after I write in when the bill will get paid and the receipts get filed in an accordion folder. On the far right, I keep notepads to write myself important notes, make grocery lists, or to write Freddie reminders/notes and some pens.


The middle shelf of the cabinet is where I keep all of my mail supplies. On the far left, I have our family Erin Condren Notebook (dot grid layout), my Erin Condren Address book, and my personalized Erin Condren notepads. On the right side, I have the Poppin Grip Grass where I keep extra, generic birthday cards, more personal birthday cards, and stamps and a box of thank you notes. Last but not least, I keep two accordion file folders from The Container Store, I use these to file receipts. One of the folders is for regular receipts, I keep receipts for everything, just in case. The other is used strictly for receipts that we need to keep for tax write-offs. Both of the accordion files are labeled with the months of the year and everything is filed accordingly! On this shelf, I also have padded mailers and packing tape tucked away, just in case.

I do have one more shelf in my command center, but to be completely honest with you guys, it doesn’t really get used for command center-esque things. Rather, I keep all of my tea there along with any important, stray paperwork that needs to be kept safe. For example, I have my leftover baby shower invites stashed away up there!

So, what are my tips for creating your own command center? Above all, do what works for you. Choose a system that makes sense to you; if it doesn’t make sense to you, you will never use it! The whole point behind my command center was to keep myself and Freddie better organized. I wanted him to be able to look in the cabinet and find where the bills were easily. I wanted him to be able to look at the family planner and know that he had an important meeting that day, or that I had a doctor’s appointment that day. The idea that I had behind our command center is that it would keep us on the same page without having to talk about it. After he gets home from a long day at work, the last thing I want to talk about is what bills are due that week. So, I make sure that I keep the command center up to date so that we can talk about more important, meaningful things.

I hope this was helpful for you guys and that maybe it inspired you to create a command center of your own! Don’t forget to share what you think of our command center below and subscribe to our e-mails so you never miss a Two Dapper Dogs update!

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