Hi everyone!

I know this update is late, we were holding out for Jacob’s 6 month doctor’s appointment, but we had to reschedule, unfortunately. We have had a lot of big life changes recently that I hope to share with you guys very soon! Until then, I am so excited to get you up to speed with Jacob’s 6 month update. I can’t believe that this little guy has been with us for half of a year already.

This month I just see Jacob’s personality coming through so much more than previously. He is a spunky little dude who loves to play and cuddle. This past month we have spent a lot of time with other mommies and babies and he has just had the most fun. He loves interacting with other people and heĀ lovesĀ smiling at anyone he can. He hasn’t quite gotten into that stage where strangers freak him out yet, but from what I understand, it is coming soon! Until then, he’ll keep flirting with everyone he can, I’m sure!

The hardest part about this month, I think has been the separation anxiety. He just flips his lid if I put him down and walk away. It’s been hard to deal with but we have introduced a lovey to try to combat some of the separation anxiety. I’ll definitely keep you guys up-to-date about how we deal with it though.

I think the most fun part about this month really has seeing his strength now. He can sit up completely unassisted for a few minutes at a time. His core strength is even so good right now that he is able to save himself (mostly) from falling over. He also seems to be preparing himself for crawling. When he is on his tummy he pushes up to his hands and he rocks a little bit. He can even get his knees under him from time to time. It’s quite shocking and amazing to think of all that he can do now vs. six months ago.

Okay you guys, I think that about wraps up our update for this month. I hope you enjoyed our check-in and I can’t wait until the next one! You can check out Jacob’s (estimated) stats for this month down below.

Jacob was born on October 1st weight albs and 12.6oz and was 20 inches long. You can check out my full birth story here!

Okay you guys, now for the fun stuff. Jacob’s stats for this month!

Weight – We estimate his is roundabouts 20-22lbs

Height – We aren’t sure but I would guess 29-30 inches

Clothing Size – 9-12 months

Jacob Loves – His new lovey Simba, trying new foods, standing up, riding in his new car seat, and his mommy and me classes.

Jacob Dislikes – Sleeping, being put down, and not being included in meal time.

Jacob Started – Standing with support, rolling from side to side (still hasn’t rolled all the way over yet!), and riding in his big boy (convertible) car seat!

I hope you guys enjoyed this update and we hope you join us next time!