Hi everyone!

Wow, this post took a while to get up! We have been so busy lately that I haven’t had much of a chance to get posts written, much less get them posted. In this season of Jacob’s life, he doesn’t like to nap very much, and when he does it’s typically on top of me. Which, you could imagine, makes things very difficult!

With that being said, let’s move on to my sweet baby J! Jacob is having so much fun interacting and playing with toys at this stage. He seemingly always has a toy in his hand and loves interacting with them. Picking the toys up, switching them from hand to hand, putting them down, he does it all. If you want to see his (and my) favorite toys for his age range, check them out here. In addition to just playing with his toys, Jacob is also sitting up on his own! He does need the support of his hands most of the time (the doctor called this tripod) but he actually can sit up unsupported by himself also! He reaches out for toys while sitting up and can play with them for a little while before tipping over, too. I’m so impressed with all he can do now!

Right now we are going through leap five and only have 11 days left! Through this leap he has been extremely clingy. He always is wanting to snuggle and eat, eat and snuggle. Through this leap he has been struggling with his sleeping tremendously. Mostly due to his tummy issues, I think, but he also is having trouble with sleep because he just wants to eat all night long! With this leap, however, there are benefits. Like, all J wants to do is snuggle and it’s been so nice to just hold my sleeping, snoring little babe. Leap five is an interesting leap. According to the Wonder Weeks app, it prepares baby for crawling. Can you believe that? That Jacob is almost ready to crawl?! The major change with this leap is all about relationships; how things work, like how the coffee table is sitting on the floor and the vase is on top of that.

I can’t believe that in just a few short weeks he will be six months old. Halfway to a year old. When did this happen? I keep wondering how the time passed so quickly. It’s really taught me a lot about treasuring my time with him and my time in general.

I think that about wraps up my monthly update, so I want to share Jacob’s five month progression shots with you.

Jacob was born on October 1st weighing 6lbs 12.6oz and was 21″ long. You can read my full birth story here.

Now for the fun stuff, JJ’s stats!

Weight – around 18lbs

Height – around 26.5″

Clothing Size – just barely fitting into 6-9 months and moved into some 9-12 month clothing .

Jacob loves – chewing on EVERYTHING, playing with toys (his favorite are his crinkly giraffe Raphy, his lovey Stripes, and his O-ball), looking out the window when we go on car rides, reading books with mom and dad before bed, and playing with his friends at Romp ‘n’ Roll.

Jacob dislikes – Bedtime and taking naps longer than 30 minutes.

Jacob started – sitting up on his own, supported by his own hands, he also has taken a MUCH larger interest in toys now, he is getting VERY close to rolling over.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little peek at our month. As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share your updates with us if you have any! We love to know what all of you guys are up to!

Until next time!