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Four months old! When did this happen? Seriously! These days Jacob spends a lot of his time babbling and exploring the room with his eyes. Jacob loves watching the ceiling fan, looking at the moving pictures on the tv, and checking out mirrors as we walk by. He also shows a much larger interest in toys now, especially one of our favorites from last month, Morty the Moose. He also loves his lovey, Mr. Stripes. One of his favorite things to do is to is chew on Mr. Stripes ear and to pet the fluffy blanket attached. Jacob is doing much better with being independent now; he actually seems to enjoy it from time to time!

The biggest change I’ve noticed in Jacob is that he seems to get much more flustered now, especially with trying to sit up. He wants so desperately to sit up on his own, but he just doesn’t have the trunk strength yet. When we put him on his back to lay down, he stretches out his arms and flexes his abdominal muscles to try and sit up, with no success. JJ also seems to be very flustered with all of his new found focus. According to the Wonder Weeks app, Jacob is on the cusp of being able to see like an adult would. Meaning he can see everything , not just three meters away as he could previously. All of these new surroundings are stimulating, exciting, and frustrating all at the same for my sweet baby J.

Jacob is still doing an amazing job sleeping. I get about seven to eight hours of sleep out of him each night. However, right now, our biggest struggle is setting up a bedtime routine and getting him to bed earlier. Each night Jacob goes to sleep at around 10:30 to 11:00pm and he wakes up anywhere between 6:30 to 8:30am. A few nights here and there he has gone a full twelve hours with no feedings. Typically Jacob nurses to sleep each night. However, we have made very big strides in allowing him to put himself to sleep. We are still room sharing with Jacob and we likely will do so through to at least his six month mark. However, the new recommendation is sharing the room until they’re a year old, so we will see!

Without further ado, here are Jacob’s week-to-week progression shots from this month.

Jacob was born on October 1st weighing 6lbs 12.6oz and was 21″ long. You can read my full birth story here!

Now for the fun stuff, all of Jacob’s stats for this month!

Weight – 16lbs 6.6oz

Height – 25.5″ – Freddie swears he the nurse shorted him and he is really 26″

Clothing size – 6-9 months

Jacob loves – showers with mommy or daddy because he outgrew his bathtub, watching his puppies, playing with toys, chewing on everything in sight, and flying!

Jacob dislikes – his face being cleaned, being left alone (he always has to be in eyesight of someone), going to sleep, and not sitting up.

Jacob started – trying to sit up on his own, teething, reaching out for and grabbing toys, babbling and talking to anyone and everyone, and he FINALLY laughed!


2 thoughts on “4 Month Update|Meet Jacob Sullivan”

  1. Ahh what a cutie! I have a 3 month old and OMG I could just cuddle him all day. Aren’t they the best? Enjoy this phase, mama because it goes by so quickly!


  2. Thank you! Yes, I feel the same! It’s gone so fast already I can’t even believe it. That’s pretty much what we do all day is cuddle and play. It’s so great.


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