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Today is my 23rd birthday and I am stunned by how fast this past year went. This year has been so full of wonderful memories, surprises, and milestones.  Along with that, I was able to make and accomplish so many goals that I set for myself in this past year. So, what better way to prepare for this next year than to set some goals for myself? I figured with turning the big 23, I would set 23 goals for myself.

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onepaint my nails more often – I’ve struggled with painting my nails. I know this sounds so silly, but I’ve just always been terrible at it! With that being said, I know the only way to get better is with practice.

two – take a vacation with my family – Freddie and I have only been on one vacation since we have been together, our babymoon. Within this year, I would love to take a week with him and our son and go somewhere new. I’d love to possibly tag along with my mom, dad, and sisters if they are going somewhere fun; however, ultimately, I just want to get away!

three – make at least two new friends – I’ve been very open with you guys about the struggle I faced when I quit my job. I felt like I lost a lot of good friends and it caused me to isolate myself a bit. Being the first one pregnant out of all of them certainly didn’t help. My goal is to make two new friends, maybe some mommy friends that I can relate to at this new stage in my life, or some blogging friends who I can collaborate with…In reality, I just want friends that show me love and kindness.

four – read twelve books (at least) – I figured setting a goal of reading one book per month was more than reasonable. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but with college it has been hard to want to read for pleasure, as you’re pushed to read so many other texts. I have a huge collection of books that I have yet to read so I want to push myself back into something that I used to enjoy.

five – drink more water – I feel like this is on everyone’s goals list. I have never drank enough water and I hope to change that within year as I know there are so many benefits to staying well-hydrated. Becoming a mom I have realized that I need to be a good role-model and to do that, I need to lead by example. This is a step that I want to take to better my health and well-being.

six – save $5,000 – I’ve never been great at saving or managing money, however, I am getting better at it. This year I want to take a big step toward financial security (for us) and save $5,000. This is the first of many small steps but, it is a step in the right direction.

seven – make my home a priority – I can’t be the only one that loves to have a clean, organized house more than anything. However, with day-to-day happenings, it’s easy to get behind on the cleaning and organizing and not straighten the couch cushions because, “eh, it’ll get done…”. This year, I really want to make an effort to change that. I want to keep my house looking nice, decorating it seasonally, and really making it feel like our home. We never decorated too much of our apartment because we knew we would only be there temporarily. We aren’t sure how long we are going to be living in this house, but I know we won’t be moving for a while, so I really want to focus on making it feely home-y.

eight – stick to a sleeping schedule – I am notorious for being a night owl. Like, staying up until 4am night owl… And I kind of hate it. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person, I can get more stuff done when I wake up early, it’s peaceful, and it makes me feel more productive. I’ve made a lot of these goals self-centric because I know that I haven’t been taking care of myself like I should. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure I’m getting enough sleep.

nine – open a savings account – It’s really important to me that I’m able to provide for my kid(s), so they can attend college if they choose and so that I can provide them with a car when the time comes and many other necessities. One of my goals is to open a savings account for our son, so that we can begin saving for those things. Just a few dollars here and there will equal out to something substantial for him in the years to come!

ten – take more photos – I took photography in high school and I really fell in love with it. Over the past few years, I have fallen off the wagon quite a bit and I really want to get back into it. I really enjoy taking beautiful photos and being able to reflect back on them years down the road. I also set this goal because with my little one on the way, I want as many photos as possible to document his growth.

eleven – create content for Youtube – While I really enjoy writing for my blog, I would love to connect with you guys in a different way as well. There are so many you Youtuber’s that I admire and I would love to join them on that platform of sharing. I’m not quite sure what content I want to create yet, but I definitely want to give it a try!

twelve – try Crossfit – I have always been interested in Crossfit and I have always enjoyed lifting weights. I think it’s a great way to work out and I love the sore muscles that you get after hard workout. I’ve always been too nervous to try out Crossfit, in fear that I’m not fit enough or I won’t do well. Then I realized, the only way to get more fit and to do better is to give it a try, I’ll never know if I could do it if I don’t give it a try.

thirteen – keep up with a baby book or scrapbook – I feel like I have heard every new momma say that they got a baby book or a scrapbook for their kids and they never were able to keep up with it. I want to make an effort to really keep up with this because I don’t want to forget any of the special moments that happened with baby.

fourteen – try vegetarianism for at least a month – I’ve always been interested in becoming a vegetarian, however, I’ve never been 100% thrilled with the idea of giving up meat permanently. So, I decided that I would give it a trial period of a month. If I hate it, I never have to do it again. However, if I really don’t mind it or miss eating meat, I will be happy I gave it a shot.

fifteen – be the best mom I can be – I know this is vague, but it really is a huge goal of mine. I want to look back on the first year of my baby’s life and know that I did my best for him. This goal means a lot of different things for me, most of which revolve around me not being too hard on myself. I know that having a child is hard and I know that it’s a huge adjustment. With that being said, I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for myself, I just want to be the best mom I can be.

sixteen – focus on my relationship with Freddie – It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone, I can only imagine the strain that our relationship is going to feel when we add a new person into the mix who needs a ton of attention and time. I know that taking care of the baby and being up at all hours of the night isn’t going to be easy. However, I don’t want my relationship to suffer with the person that I love. This goal was just to remind myself to not take Freddie for granted and to always make my relationship a priority.

seventeen – buy a car – I really want a reliable family car that is big enough to carry baby, Freddie, myself, and our two puppies. The car that we have currently just isn’t large enough for all of us, especially not if Freddie’s son is coming to visit. We really need something more practical and I’d really love to accomplish that within the year.

eighteen – be more confident in myself – Self-confidence has always been a huge struggle for me, and not just in one particular way. I’ve always had a hard time with feeling confident in my body, intelligence, and beauty. I really want to spend this year getting to know myself and learning to love the person that I am.

nineteen – learn more about blogging – there are a ton of terms in the blogging world that I don’t understand. I really would love to get deeper into the blogging world to better understand these terms, put them to use, and become a better blogger.

twenty – grow my blog – I love blogging, I really do. I love sharing with you guys and I love being able to express myself in a different way. I really want to take this year and focus on growing my blog, being able to reach out to more people and connect with more people. I also want to take this time to allow my writing and blog to evolve into what it is meant to be.

twenty-one – grow closer to God – I chose this goal specifically because there are so many ways that I can grow closer to God. I want to find a church to attend with Freddie and baby and I also want to get back into the habit of spending time with God daily. I really enjoy reading my Bible and digging deeper into my religion and I really want to start focusing on that again. I felt so much more secure when I was spending time with God and I have found myself really wanting that feeling back.

twenty-two take better care of myself – This may sound selfish to some, especially because I have a child on the way. However, a saying that I have always heard is, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and after months of not taking very good care of myself and seeing how that effected me, I knew that this had to be on my list of goals. I think that it is so important for people to take good care of themselves, in simple ways like taking a bubble bath once a week or buying a lotion you really like and in more complex ways, like connecting with your faith and taking time out of the day for yourself.

twenty-three – get healthy – I’ve always had goals to lose weight, eat healthier, work out… Every time these goals have fallen through. In my 23rd year, I really want to focus on bettering myself and one of the top ways to do that is to be healthy. With a child on the way, I have really come to realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle because I really want to be there for my child as much as I possibly can. I want to be able to play with him and I want to be there to see him grow, I can’t do that if I am living an unhealthy lifestyle.

I really hope that you guys enjoyed these goals and I would love to hear some goals that you guys have for yourself. If you’ve made a post similar to this or you have goals you’d like to share, just to stay accountable, please share them with me!

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